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friend died today...

I can't even imagine how your feeling right now man, it was hurt a lot. I am trying to fathom the feeling, and it's making me quite sad. My condolences.
Thanks for the responses guys, means a lot. I am just more in shock right now that this has happened, and not sure how to even feel. Dont think it has really hit me yet. just waiting on the call for funeral date and time. :frown2:

Yes, I remember i feelt the exsact same way when my freind died:(

Even though I had only met her a few times..
MCT, I'm so sorry this has happened to a friend of yours. I hope you can recover from your loss, it's hard losing people, give my well being to the family, my heart cries for them as well as the friends that knew him. :(
I know how you feel right now MCT, and it isn't pretty. You have my condolences and full support, because it's not right that people should ever have to experience that anguish, but it's even worse when they have to go it alone.
what is even more messed up is that i saw the raw footage today on yahoo news, and the guy that was being chased veered on to the incoming traffic, with no reason to veer other than him wanting to kill himself. this just pisses me off more. my friend was the only other car close, and he chose to nail that one car. why did it have to happen like that? its like, if you cant face doing the time, then dont do the crime. and there must have been a combined speed of 120 mph between the two cars colliding. it was insane. i hope that ------- burns in hell for this.
My condolences, I am sorry for your loss. That is a really sad story. You read something like that and wonder why he (the robber) had to take someone else with him, and a good person at that. If you need to talk, feel free to IM me or call me.
My thoughts are with you and your friends family method!

I know how you feel having lost my dad & best friend to cancer in under a month it sucks big time but as Dan said just think of the many memories you have of them!

Take care mate.
MCT, very sorry to hear about your fried. Unfortunately, I know what it's like to lose a best friend - it's worse when you didn't see it coming, and they're suddenly gone. :(
well, the funeral totally sucked. it was the most depressing funeral i have ever been to. it really was rough. see, and the thing that is so bad is that he wasnt taken from us by natural causes like cancer, or even by accident. police have stated that the burglar intentionally drove his car head on into my friends car. so, to put it bluntly, he was murdered. so, it really is upsetting. i may stop by his parents home today to talk with them a bit, but, not sure if i can bring myself to just yet. thanks for the support guys. i really do appreciate it.


RIP Alex Ahmad
Never forget this great man.
WHAT A ------- (The bank robber).. WHY THE HELL DO YOU DRIVE YOUR CAR INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S? Damn I feel for you. My cousin died in a similar way 4 years ago.
WHAT A ------- (The bank robber).. WHY THE HELL DO YOU DRIVE YOUR CAR INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S? Damn I feel for you. My cousin died in a similar way 4 years ago.

why you ask, let me answer that. cause he was a selfish c**k sucker.
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