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Free versus paid web hosting

No, it's not. When you offer a VPS with 128MB of guaranteed ram and 256MB "burstable" ram, you're actually selling the customer ONLY the first 128MB. The additional 128MB would be an added bonus. Nothing more.

I do get it! But I do not think it is the same to the situation when the host offers a GB of RAM but provides only 512, while extra 512 might be called 'burstable' in TOS written in small letters after asterix, but practically unreachable. When everything is clear from the beginning, this cannot be called overselling. IMO.
When everything is clear from the beginning, this cannot be called overselling.

Oh yes it can. You read the TOS of these hosts around here these days that are offering "unlimited" space and you'll see the same nonsense. No files over x amount of MB. Only such and such files types are allowed. No archives. No downloadable zips. No audio or video clips. etc etc. It's all pointed out, but are they still overselling?? Hell yes, they are.
Oh yes it can.

Man, Overselling is the practice when the provider or any other "seller" offers something it can't provide. The TOS usually include paragraphs which clarify where's the limit. Unlimited offer is not overselling, it is just a trick to attract customers. The more so because burstable RAM or other parameter is NOT AN OVERSELLING, until the host can't provide it. I think we should be accurate in definitions.
Unlimited offer is not overselling, it is just a trick to attract customers.

Are you completely ignorant, or just plain dumb? Overselling is the allocation of more resources than what the server is physically capable of sustaining. If one single account is created that is "unlimited" then the server has been oversold. End of story. If that one user uploads a ton of data and tries to make use of their "unlimited" resources, then they've effectively robbed the other clients of their potential use of the resources that they're entitled to.

Under your theory, the server admin hasn't technically "oversold" the server until it's completely filled up and they can no longer provide resources to the clients? Are you serious? Are you really a host? If you are, I feel sorry for your clients on the day when your server gets maxed out by some moron who trys to use their "unlimited" account.
So after a week you've decided to come back here and make one final point? For the record, I am completely open to other views and opinions on things. It doesn't mean I will agree or accept them. Your view on overselling, as I have outlined in my previous post, is completely ludacris, and I'm not talking about the rapper. It sounds to me like your're trying to justify overselling as just another smart business practice. Some people would probably agree with you, but you'll find that the majority of people here will not, and I certainly do not.

Overselling is not a matter of opinion. It's based on fact, and you are WRONG. As we all know, every server has a space limitation that is defined by the physical limitations of the hard drive(s) contained within. Once you have created just ONE account with "unlimited" space you have OVERSOLD the server. Period. Unlimited space DOES NOT EXIST and if you're allowing somebody access to it, how is that NOT overselling? How can you continue to argue that?
No intension to keep this going. You seem to be unable to accept anything except your own view.

If your intention was to not keep the thread going, then why did you have to post again? Regardless, looking at some of your posts, you are incorrect in what you have stated. Overselling is indeed when a host allocates more then what he has. If a host has 100GB space and 1TB transfer then offers 100GB space and 1TB transfer to every client, he has oversold by his second client. Since you are fond of wikipedia quotes, you should have taken the 2 seconds to search this one:

Web hosting

In the web hosting industry, the term is used to describe a situation in which a company provides hosting plans that are unsustainable if every one of its customers uses the full extent of services advertised. The term is usually referred to the web space and bandwidth transfer allowance. A hosting company may offer unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, however, they put other restrictions in place such as CPU usage or inode limit. They may have onerous restrictions and one-sided contracts that lets them cancel the hosting of anybody that puts a strain on their system or fully uses their claimed allotments.

This practice usually incurs little ill-effect since most customers do not use any significant portion of their allocated share. If a customer has a small, low-traffic site serving static HTML pages, few resources will be used. If a customer wishes to run a high-traffic, professional, or business website an oversold hosting account can be detrimental. In these cases, a shared hosting provider that does not oversell, a virtual private server or dedicated server is a preferred option.

And FYI unlimited is overselling, as any server cannot give unlimited, especially when said server does not have unlimited to offer to start with.
Free hosting is better than paid hosting .I use free hosting for my all website and have best hosting result .

And how can you be sure of the source of this extra information? Free hosting service is a good platform for students to test their web applications. For a business website paid hosting service is always beneficial. And if your website is not able to generate a good amount of revenue to afford a normal shared hosting account, then question is why you have a website? FYI, monthly cost of the normal shared hosting accounts are almost cheaper than our daily expenses. However, choice is yours........
It depends on what you need the space for. Professional websites are normally better on paid hosting, whilst personal and budget sites should be on free providers, at least in my opinion.
I believe there is paid hosting on Namepad as well. I am not sure if they are accepting any more applicants for free hosting, but all I know is that Namepad has been extraordinarily reliable and when there are any outages, scheduled or yips, he is on top of what is going on. Any support is always returned promptly. Clearly I have nothing but praise for Namepad.
I checked Namepad out and they don't accept applicants for free hosting. From a user point of view that would nix them for me if I had been interested in Free Website space, as I would far rather prefer a Free Webhost that is 100% into the business of providing free Website space. I can see that they must be really professional but I'd feel completely inhibited and out of my depth. I'd rather check out some of the other free Website hosts and there are some that are really good. One just needs to go out and search for them.

It depends on what you need the space for. Professional websites are normally better on paid hosting, whilst personal and budget sites should be on free providers, at least in my opinion.
I would be more inclined to think that it depends on the quality of the Website space provider. One can find free website space providers who are much better in the quality of management of the Website space and support they provide than paid service. It depends on how they manage the space they provide.
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