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Free Sub domain hosting

Discussion in 'Free web hosting offers' started by flashweb, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. flashweb

    flashweb New Member


    I can provide advt FREE Sub domain hosting with following.

    10 MB Web Space
    1 GB Transfer
    FTP Account
    Cpanel 6 Control Panel


    • Site Needs to be in English.
    • No Hot-linking.
    • No File Storage.
    • I have the right to terminate your account.
    • No downloadable files (movie, music, zip, etc..)

    If you are interested, submit your subdomain at



    Last edited: May 1, 2003
  2. flashweb

    flashweb New Member

  3. notnamed

    notnamed /fws/ NLC

    What control panel software? You just say control panel :confused2:
  4. elove

    elove New Member

    cpanel 6.0:)
  5. NONO

    NONO New Member

    1. cpanel 6.0 looks geat. :biggrin2:
    you provide cpanel in full function?

    2. do you have mail() ?

    3. you said free, but "10 MB Space Rs. 400/-USD 10" on your page. ?
    does it mean "FREE Sub domain" only. space cost?

    4. "advt" -- means with "AD"?

    thank you for replying. :)
  6. jd102

    jd102 New Member

    good offer,thanks
  7. NONO

    NONO New Member

    well, why flashwebhost don't answer inquires any more? I'm waiting the answer. :confused2
  8. flashweb

    flashweb New Member

    Sorry, i was busy

    I could not check the Yahoo id. I will reply u shortly.

    If you need any info, u can ask in our support forums at



  9. NONO

    NONO New Member

    it's ok. :) Thanks for your promptly answer (this time). :p

    great, many FAQs in your forum. I'll check/searching in it first.
    but it needs to regist to post there (I'm not a forum member), if some questions can't be found, hope you may to give some info here when you're not so busy. thanks! :)
  10. flashweb

    flashweb New Member

    You can post with out registering on pre-sales. Just post of the forum or mail me.
  11. ntg45

    ntg45 New Member

    hey flashwebhost

    any way to increase the bandwidth ? if yes, ill apply for hosting :)
  12. NONO

    NONO New Member

    nice offer but....
    It seems that U r not free as your title "advt Free sub domain hosting". there're Annual Price INR & other cost on ur plan list.

    (which I've asked at 4/24 - 4.)
  13. masterpade

    masterpade New Member

    would u be willing to offer more than 10 megs? ill take it then?
  14. flashweb

    flashweb New Member


    We can provide more band width if your site is HTML based, that is no down loads (music, movies, zip, etc...)

    If you get more page genuine views under our sub domain, we can consider increasing band width.


    The rates in our web site is for hosting domain names and not sub domain names.

    Thanking you,

  15. flashweb

    flashweb New Member

    masterpade, We can provide more than 10 MB space if you have a good site.

    Let me know your present web site url. For more than 10 MB, you should have already developed web site or start with 10 MB and if its good and getting visitors, we will allot more space.

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