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Free Master Reseller Hosting - Hinsmart Hosting

Discussion in 'Free web hosting offers' started by LegitWebHost, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. LegitWebHost

    LegitWebHost New Member

    Hinsmart Hosting is giving out an unlimited number of FREE Master Reseller Hosting.

    Features are as the following:
    Disk Space 10240 MB (10 GB)
    Bandwidth 51200 MB (50 GB)
    Numbers of Web Hosting Accounts to sell: 50
    Numbers of WHM Accounts to sell: 30
    Numbers of Web Hosting Accounts YOUR CLIENTS ARE ALLOWED to sell: 50
    Maximum Disk Space to sell 102400 GB
    Maximum Bandwidth to sell 512000 GB
    FTP accounts 100
    Databases 100
    Sub-domains 500
    Parked domains 100
    Add-on domains 200
    Email accounts Unlimited
    Mailing lists Unlimited
    Softaculous Yes
    Fantastico -- N/A --
    MySQL Yes
    Postgress SQL Yes
    Trendy Site Builder No
    DNS Zone/Editor Yes
    Live support 12/7
    Forum support Yes
    Tickets support No
    Fraud check Yes
    Instant activation No
    Advertisements No
    Guarantee Uptime 99.99% +/- 0.01% 99.99% +/- 0.01% (BUT this package is derived out from our paid reseller hosting)
    Billing Systems Yes
    WHMBill Yes. Free.

    You MUST register an account at WebTalkNation.com
    You MUST have a minimum of "account-opening" post of 35. We will be going through your application once you have met your criteria.
    You MUST have a minimum of "account-maintaining" post of 20 PER Month.

    How to Order:
    1. Scroll down to the ORDER page until you see Master Reseller Hosting
    2. Click onto Master Reseller Hosting
    3. Click onto the DROPDOWN box
    4. SCROLL DOWN to Free for all - special A
    5. Proceed to checkout

    Direct Order Link:

    Post to Host forum link
  2. kanking

    kanking New Member

    Intrepid,Hinsmart Hosting well deserved.
  3. LegitWebHost

    LegitWebHost New Member

    Of course. After our migration to the new server, we have a quota of 1000 TB, a bandwidth of 5000 TB with 98304 (96 GB) of memory.
  4. Logan1999

    Logan1999 New Member

    So you have a 1 petabyte server with 5 petabytes of bandwidth and 96 GB of ram? Sounds reasonable.
  5. LegitWebHost

    LegitWebHost New Member

    It is either you are being sarcastic, or I can't think of any other purpose for making this reply LOL.
  6. LegitWebHost

    LegitWebHost New Member

    Please please please pay attention!!

    By just submitting an order, our staffs WILL NOT accept you.:shame:
    You have to register at WebTalkNation.com, and make enough posts for FREE Master Reseller Hosting.:fangel:
  7. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Yes, he is being sarcastic. He is saying that there is no way your server has 1000TB of disk space, 5000TB of bandwidth, or 96GB of RAM. He is 100% correct.
  8. LegitWebHost

    LegitWebHost New Member

    Our server is of 2x Dual Intel Xeon Hex Core Westmere X5670 with 2x 64GB DDR3 Triple Channel Registered ECC Memory and 2x 10,000GB/mo Outbound Public Bandwidth; Free Inbound*. But we just added more bandwidth to the server. The average cost is $5000 / Month
  9. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Oh bull. You're not paying $5000/mo. for a server. Try telling that to someone else, but you aren't going to pull that one on me.

    Your site is running on a VPS from JaguarPC. Not really sure what nonsense you're trying to pull, but nobody here is going to let you lie to potential clients.
  10. LegitWebHost

    LegitWebHost New Member

    Too bad, WSWD. Not in here. I do not lie. :shame:

    We purchased a huge server for our clients.

    We host our hosting website on a vps because if the server has any issues, our hosting website is still up. :evilb:

    Defamation is a crime!! because you are affecting our reputations.
  11. LegitWebHost

    LegitWebHost New Member

    You can say that we are not transparent enough with our customers, but you cannot vilify us.
  12. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Oh no? You don't lie? Just a few posts up, you said your new server had 5000TB of bandwidth, and 1000TB of disk space. All that in a single server huh? ROFL!! Even a dedicated gbit connection is only around 300TB of data per month full duplex, so you have a dedicated 10 gbit connection going to this one server? 3TB hard drives are about the largest used in production servers right now (and they're slow), but you would need 333 of them in this server to meet your claims.

    You also say in one post that your server has 96GB of RAM. A couple posts later, you say 128GB. Which is it?

    You're not paying $60k per year for a server, guaranteed. Perhaps you can post a screenshot of this server, with the 128GB of RAM. It's real easy to see in cPanel. Also, what is the IP for the server? We'll be happy to verify the validity of your claims.
    Tyler likes this.
  13. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Or here's an idea. Set me up with a test account (you can make it 1mb disk space and bandwidth...I'm not going to use it) on this new server. ;)
  14. LegitWebHost

    LegitWebHost New Member

    What are you talking about??? I never said this, "128GB."

    I agree with you, "about the largest used in production servers right now".

    The point is that we do not only use it for hosting. Also, these servers are so easy to be separated into several other VPSes, easy for us to sell. :beer:
  15. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    That's 128GB.
  16. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    And you still didn't answer the disk space claim. You have 333 hard drives in your server (assuming no RAID)? How did you manage to fit all those hard drives in there? I'd love to know.
  17. kjuzhe

    kjuzhe New Member

    Hinsmart = OWNED!
  18. MiTemplates

    MiTemplates New Member

    Hmmm.... Seems to me that someone just got burn't up by wswd.

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