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free hosting


I need a free host

with these things in mind

ftp access
crons job

I want to create a social networking site an the script i want to you use need crons job to work properly

anythings we these basic things in mind would be much appreciated.
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I want to start a social networking site and the script I am going to use requires crons job to operate properly.


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Please first have a look at out TOS if oki?

What we give out.
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Bandwidth:3000 to 100000 MB (100 GB)
* 300MB space/3GB bandwidth - No Post Plane
* 500MB space/5GB bandwidth - 15 posts
* 1GB space/10GB bandwidth - 30 posts
* 3GB space/30GB bandwidth - 45 posts
* 5GB space/50GB bandwidth - 70 posts
* 7GB space/70GB bandwidth - 85 posts
* 10GB space/100GB bandwidth - 100 posts
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You're not safe.
If i may ask what type of script is it... Homemade or premade lyk dolphin and some other scripts? I may be able to give you one of our paid plans for free :)


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If you stick to what you say and don't go on a TOS violation spree, I may be able to offer you something. To be honest, you don't need 2GB at first do you? If its just starting out its best to request small specs and upgrade as you need them. I'll offer you 500MB space, 2GB bandwidth to start with and you'll be able to upgrade when you need to! as long as you are relatively active on our forum. We don't force monthly forum posts or anything like that, just as long as you be as active as you can, I'll be happy to upgrade your account when you need be. I'll give you this for 15 posts and as long as you can contribute to our forum when you can :). Here is a reference to all of our packages:

  • 100MB space/1GB bandwidth - 10 posts
  • 400MB space/4GB bandwidth - 25 posts
  • 800MB space/8GB bandwidth - 50 posts
  • 1GB space/10GB bandwidth - 75 posts

If you choose us, make sure you state in your application form its a custom quote from us + a link to the thread.



rsmiley I don't really know what sort of script i will use. lots of people have warned me against dolphin so I am just looking around for free script. I am testing out phpizabi at the mo but i dont really know how to use it.

What hosting did you have in mind


If you will accept a 468x60 banner on all your pages, you could use x10Hosting.

x10Hosting Corporate Package
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  • 45,000 MB Transfer
  • cPanel 11
  • 3 Addon and Parked Domains
  • 10 Sub Domains
  • 5 FTP Accounts
  • 15 E-Mail accounts
  • PHP, Python, Perl, ASP.NET (via mod_mono)
If you do look into signing up with us, you said you would be using crons, and crons must be in 5 minute intervals or more. If you are running a cron once a minute it's against our rules. Also you need to login to our forums once every two weeks to keep your hosting account active.

If you want more space and transfer you can check out our double offer plans, there is only a one time charge.

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