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Free Host Manager

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Introducing Free Host Manager v1.0 Beta!


Free Host Manager is a free cPanel account management script that automates the running of free hosts.

Administration Features
  • Extensive Settings - Enable you to create a custom environment exact to your needs
  • Secure WHM Integration - Enabling you to create, terminate, suspend, unsuspend and even restart services right from FHM.
  • Modules - Modules enable you to simply extend FHM with very little fuss.
  • Packages - Add, edit & delete packages (What more can I say ;))
  • Pages - Pages enable you to create pages that users can view whilst signing up.
  • Email Templates - Don't be forced by other scripts to send the default emails out, use email templates!
  • Sub domains - Give users the flexibility to sign up to different sub domains.

Install Instructions
  • Extract the script from the zip file
  • Edit the settings.php file with your database details
  • Upload the script to your site
  • Visit install.php and follow the steps
  • Delete install.php
  • Navigate to admin.html

Free Host Manager v1.0 Beta (.zip)
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I admit it was me :) Hope it works out for everyone that uses it ... it ruddy well should, since I did it ... ...
Lucky, guy. Well I got help with mine aswell. I can't complain. Good luck Daniel with it.


Just a quick shout to advise you all that we have just released the following new modules and also fixed a small bug within the modules section, whilst no major bugs were found we advise you to upgrade to the latest version via our new customer area!!

New Modules
  • MyBB Post2Host Module
  • Forced Ads

I am currently in the process of creating the docs for the new modules but here is a quick guide to the forced ads module;
Root access is required for this install, also mod_layout must be installed
  1. Upload the forced_ads.php file to /modules
  2. Enable it in the admin control panel
  3. Edit the settings,
    • The full directory path to http.conf - this is filled in for cPanel servers so should be ok to leave as is.
    • The full directory path to the html file containing your header advert code - I advise that you enter a path in your public_html directory, ie. /home/user/public_html/header.html
    • The full directory path to the html file containing your footer advert code - As above
    • The version of Apache that we're running here - Change this to the version of apache you are using.
  4. Create a cron to run php /path/to/FreeHostManager/modules/mod_layout.php cron

Remember to register on our forums for support!
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I got some stuff to add to that ...

The mod_layout module supports all known versions of apache so far.
Global directives to mod_layout should be inserted outside of a virtualhost tag in your configuration file for apache, the default should be fine but mod_layout has become quite configurable in recent versions you may want to take advantage of that for some reason ...
You should run the cron job every 5-10 minutes, you don't have to, but you wanna get ads displayed as quickly as possible - this is the best way to achieve that ...
Dont try and add the cronjob from inside of cPanel, use
crontab -e
from a root shell
mod_layout is known to have some issues with servers that use mod_gzip or enable php's gz compression output buffers, there's nothing we can do about this, simply disable gz compression on applications that pose a problem and do not install mod_gzip - DO NOT COMPLAIN TO US, please :)
enabling the mod_layout module will not force ads on every accout created, you can run post2host and forced ads side by side, no problem...
The mod_layout module will create a backup of apache's config everytime it changes it, obviously named in your config path

If I think of anything else, I'll post again on here or FHM support forums ...
If you have downloaded the forced ads module from the client area and the filename in the zip isn't mod_layout.php then please download it again or rename forced_ads.php to mod_layout.php - modules do not work with the incorrect filename ...
I like your script...but guess what >< i can't find the settings page...Point me to
the right direction please?
Goto, admin.html enter your admin password that you installed with, then it'll be ovious after that ...
Indeed. I just tried to access it and it is down. :( This is disappointing to see it down!
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