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Free Domain name hosting account with any domain name purchase!

Discussion in 'Free web hosting offers' started by Technut, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Technut

    Technut New Member

    Once you purchase your domain name we'll send you an email with your own login and password and complete instructions so you can activate and start building you own website right away!

    All we ask is that you take a look at our paid web hosting plans during your domain name purchase, while your already there that is! You may choose to buy one of our value low cost paid web hosting plans right now (check them out right here), or you may choose to use our free domain hosting along with your free email account and opt to upgrade when you feel comfortable at a later time. Although its bare basic, it does offers some interesting frills to be enjoyed by non professional people just trying out the Internet. While our free domain hosting with its free email account is easy to use the free email account offers spam protection and many other free features and so does the website its self.

    One of our biggest free features is our web site builder, (check it out here) so that you can build your web site on your own, with out learning any HTML or without help from any Professional programmer or a web designer but with any domain name purchase you will always get access to our free domain hosting and a free email account. That's all that you need to get online!

    So go back to our home page and purchase one of the cheapest domain names you'll find anywhere, and get yourself free domain hosting at the same time!
  2. Nathan Diniz

    Nathan Diniz New Member

    I think the site might be down.
  3. Technut

    Technut New Member

    Nope, we're up and going... there was slight a upstream network issue that has been resolved immediately. Take another look!

  4. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    So the hosting isn't free then?
  5. Schmarvin

    Schmarvin Cross Industries NLC

    No, you just get a free domain with PAID hosting.
  6. Technut

    Technut New Member

    NO, you purchase a Domain Name [once] that you were going to buy anyway (at wholesale cost) then you get free web hosting to go with it, other wise you get free domain hosting as a 30 day free trial without a Domain Name purchase. Ether way its free.

  7. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    It's not free. You're paying a lump sum for a domain and hosting. How could that ever be considered free?
  8. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member

    That's not free hosting. They have to buy something from you to get hosting for more than 30 days. Free hosting means completely free, they don't have to buy anything from you at all to get and keep it.

    This is a sales gimmic- if you buy your domain name from us we'll give you free hosting to use with it.

    Which although it involves free hosting, is not completely free and should not be advertised in this section.
  9. Meksilon

    Meksilon Well-Known Member NLC

    Okay. These replies weren't really that helpful. I think it's a reasonable offer, but it's in the wrong forum it needs to be in the paid hosting forum, and the price and features need to be disclosed and transparant.

    Currently, there's NO information on your website regarding the details of this offer, all I see is this:

    And that is NOT a free hosting plan, it's only a 30-day trial. Do you offer that for as long as the domain is with you?? In your offer here you didn't indicate ANY details, people need to know the following:

    1. Price for the domain name per year (not just first year). ie $9.99/yr
    2. Disk Space and B/W. 50mb/500mb?
    3. Features.

    Others have done the same before 1&1, GoDaddy, and currently DotEasy.

    I'd like to see this offer posted properly in the paid hosting forum, where you will also be welcome to post the specifics of all your paid plans. Although the plan is free, the customer still has to spend money with you, so my suggestion is to post your offer in the paid hosting forum. After all, many of us already have the domain we want hosting for. :)
  10. bilumary

    bilumary New Member

    I think free domain will not be available anywhere all the companies will cost for domain and hosting.

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