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Free Dedicated Server

Discussion in 'Free web hosting requests' started by ragavbpl, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. ragavbpl

    ragavbpl New Member

    I want a free dedicated server for my site.....
    min space required:-500MB
    and will do what ever you want i.e. ads, banners, posts, etc...........

    Bandwidth :- highest possible
    Cpanel features :- atleast 5 each
    and what ever u would like to offer but should be free and should not require any type of credit card to validate or any such thing....

    Thnx in advanced and please its urgent do it fast............
  2. Dynash

    Dynash It gets better. NLC

    I think you just mean you want a free cPanel shared account. Not a dedicated server.
  3. cosk

    cosk New Member

    we can work it out, please contact us
  4. fnixws

    fnixws Kicking your a$$ NLC

    As Dynash said, you need a shared hosting account.

    If you want it fast as you said, check out http://post2host.org/index.php?pid=1

    Sign up for the Starter package, make a post or 2 and ill activate it ASAP.
    If you do it within 1 hour of this post, the account will be setup within the hour :D
  5. [AS]Richard

    [AS]Richard New Member

    I think your a bit confused...anyway, register at http://community.kh3.us to get a free cPanel hosting acct, no posts needed! Except of course your Request thread. ;)
  6. Sain Cai

    Sain Cai Beautiful Daddy NLC

    Your going to give someone a free dedicated server? :tired2:
  7. ragavbpl

    ragavbpl New Member

    May be i was not able to xplain you all correctly.....
    Firstly can you explain me what is the difference b/w a Shared hosting and dedicated server hosting....

    and secondly I wanted a hosting which has its unique IP adress and i suppose it is only allowed in VPS or dedicated server if i am not wrong......
    And when somebody searches for my host with a site such as who-hosts.com he will get a unique IP which points to my site instead of a Host's website..
  8. ragavbpl

    ragavbpl New Member

    I just want a vps or a dedi server for free wid ny specs n i m ready to place ads etc. Etc.
    Can i hav 1 pls
  9. Dynash

    Dynash It gets better. NLC

    You wont get a free dedicated or VPS.
  10. SnoorkAdvertiser

    SnoorkAdvertiser New Member

    You can have a shared hosting plan and you can get a dedicated ip address provided by a hosting company.

    Most free hosting companies do not support dedicated ip addresses.
  11. MicGoogle

    MicGoogle New Member

    ragavbpl, Hello what are your intentions? what are you hosting?

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