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HI Redguy

I have downloaded as you recommended. I have one problem lol. I am just building my first website. This is a site for parrot lovers. I need a bulleting board just like the one on this site. My problem is, i dont know how to add it to my index.html or how it works. I am a complete novice at this..Thanks for your help

Hi Meg :) Welcome!

Most of the more popular BBs have a forum where you can go for help to ask questions for beginners. If you choose a forum like this (Costs you!) then get help at http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/index.php

A popular free one phpBB also have their support forums http://phpbb.com/phpBB/

This is probably the best way to go if you have no knowledge, and please explain that in the forums, they might be easier on you ;)
Hi Jan

Thank you for your advice. I really am clueless as how to go on with the bulleting board. I hope i can understand the jargon lol. I am also looking for a good banner featuring parrots. Oh, i dont know what i would do without sites like this. I have a banner but am not happy with it.

Meg :)
Hi everyone

I have just signed up and paid Invision for webspace. I am to get 100mb My only problem is, i dont know what to do next lol. Has anyone any ideas what the next steps are?


Well I know IB has a very detailed readme that even you should be able to understand. Try reading through that. It should give you step by step instructions.
i need free forum

what do you thik what the best forum is.Can you tell me some exampes for php forum, which could be downloaded.Best design, flexible and so on :) Something like phpbb or WebWiz
Thakn you
Re: Hi everyone

Originally posted by MegUK
I have just signed up and paid Invision for webspace. I am to get 100mb My only problem is, i dont know what to do next lol. Has anyone any ideas what the next steps are?



Your website should come pre-installed with IB. If you're having trouble, submit for support. ;)

I am sorry lol. What is IB and where can i find where to upload my website? lol I know i sound stupid, but this is totally alien to me. Will my web address be somewhere on the site? I have sent a few emails, but no one has replied

Thanks for your reply :)


I guess you could say that i am website ignorant well lol, a bit challenged lolol.

I was told that IB would install the message boards on my site for me, but how can they when i dont have an address to upload to? lolol

Oh dear, i am getting tired here. It is almost 11.00pm and i have been messing about with pc all day.

Are you in the states?
HI Bruce

Oh dear. I have all the relevent information to upload my index.html to the designated area. However, I am with AOL and it just wont upload. I use adobe pagemill with its own ftp agent. Have you any suggestions?
If anyone else is with AOL and have uploaded their site to IB I would appreciate any help our there.

Thank you

You may want to try something more along the lines of: http://download.com.com/3000-2160-1572132.html?legacy=cnet

I realize this may be a bit complicated for you, however the main ingredients you need to upload *anything* are:

The files (in this case the forum files).
A folder to put it in (create one once you connect below...)

To upload you need:
Server name (host name)
Username (yours)
Password (for your username)

Not sure how bad trying this is going to be for you, but trust me, it isn't impossible to figure it out. Just takes a bit of time...
Thank you

Hi chicken, i thank you for your advice. I have had a webpage before but was with a different server than AOL lol. AOL are trying to confuse me in their ftp. I have downloaded three ftp programs lol. However, after all that I received an email saying that my chosen name was already taken! This was after i recieved the address, password and ftp address. No wonder it would not transfer lol. I have registered now as www.ParrotLoveInternational.com and am awaiting instructions from Invision.
Thank you for everything.