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Foonet Managed Server Special Offers from $169/m


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About Foonet
Creative Internet Techniques (Foonet) have been in the hosting industry for over 7 years. We are located in Powell, Ohio and are renowned for our rock-solid networks.

Network Details
Our network can be considered the worlds highest regarded networks with respect to physical security, level of firewalling and network availability. The data center has been engineered to avoid any single point of failure in connectivity, power, or HVAC. The technology used in the data center equipment consists of many vendors including Cisco, Nortel, Extreme, Foundry and even custom designed equipment specifically made for use on our network.

The network is connected to the Internet via multi-homed connections to multiple POPs with BGP4 routing for redundancy. Time Warner Telecom provides the primary bandwidth at the moment for our web hosting network with Qwest and Global crossing backup. After our OC48 SONET backbone is in place we will be adding primary private peering with providers such as AT&T, UUNET, SPRINT, QWEST, GBLX, etc.

The data center is physically isolated from everyone but Foonet technicians. Public access is strictly forbidden.

We have a backup for every single piece of network equipment ensuring network stability; our power systems in the data center are designed to run uninterrupted even in the unlikely event of a total power outage. All servers are fed with conditioned UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) power that will run if utility power fails. All network equipment within the datacenter has dual power supplies on independant power networks to ensure 100% network uptime.

Support is available through email , AIM, IRC, MSN, yahoo , and phone . Each customer is given an email address for emergency contact should your server go down or you require emergency support which will notify all available network technicians via their pagers. Someone is available 24x7 for free server reboots and remote hands fixing.

We are currently offering servers primarily on our web hosting network (No firewall, NO IRC ACCESS allowed at all. Even hosting irc related web sites, or name servers that host domains used for IRC related purposes is forbidden; This insures the best quality of service for all of our hosting customers. Please check our AUP/TOS)

Plan 1
Intel Pentium III 1.2Ghz (256k Cache)
512MB ECC Registered DIMM
60GB 7200 RPM Hard Disk Drive
100GB Transfer (Outgoing only counted (to internet from server) , 95th percentile, Incoming traffic free!)

$99 setup
$169 per month

Plan 2

Intel Pentium III 1.3Ghz (256k cache)
1024MB ECC Registered DIMM
80GB 7200 RPM Hard Disk Drive
200GB Transfer (Outgoing only counted, 95th percentile, Incoming traffic free!)

$199 setup
$249 per month

Optional Additions

Advanced Security Firewall - $50 per server, per month
Advanced DDoS protection Firewall - $200 per month, per server
Additional 512MB RAM - $10 per month
Additional 60GB HDD - $30 per month
Remote reboot port - $75 once off
Managed Support - $50 per month (includes software installs and upgrades, kernel tuning and miscellanious remote hands for a total of 30 mins per month)
Additional Transfer $1.25 per GB - outgoing only

Additional IP's
$0.50 per IP
/26 (62 usable) $20 per month
/25 (126 usable) $35 per month
/24 (253 usable) $50 per month
Reverse Delegation provided to IP allocations /26 and greater
80% IP justification required (as per arin guidelines)

Control Panel Pricing
CPanel 5.x license - $75 per month
Plesk Server Administrator 5.04 30 Domains $170 , 100 Domains $340, 300 Domains $510 , Unlimited Domains $680

Value Added Services
- Choice of operating system
- Choice of partitioning
- Customized hardware
- Initial server setup help (Installing control panels, setting up web daemons, configuring)
- Free reboots, remote hands, operating system fixes, security help, kernel help/compiles
- Personalized service (talk directly with our staff over the internet (AIM,MSN, etc..))
- 24*7 Customer support with direct NOC pager
- AIM ,MSN,YAHOO,IRC,Email,Phone Support available
- 99.9% SLA with performance credits for web servers, 99% SLA for servers requiring DDoS filtering

As each server is totally customised to meet individual customer requirements, setup time may vary from 24 hours to 72 hours per server

Only 10 configurations are available for this special offering

*** Please note: Any server which will be running any high-risk services are required to purchase our DDoS firewalling product to protect the integrity of our web hosting network. Some high-risk services include; pornographic site, anything IRC related, Chat rooms etc ***

To order email dedicatedoffer@httpd.net or clinton@httpd.net for contracts and signup instructions