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Fifa WorldCup 2002 results [Take 2]

yep, apparently it wasn´t enough for the italians to make fools of themselves on the football field, they have to show the world what sour losers they are too... :confused2

as for the quarterfinals they´re looking interesting...

england-brazil 1-0

the most interesting game, neither of the teams have impressed me so far... brazil was pretty lousy in the belgium match, they seemed slow and unmotivated or just lazy, i´m not really sure... but yet they won by 2-0, it shows ronaldo, rivaldo and ronaldinho can score even if the rest of the team seems half asleep...
england beat denmark by 3-0 but i think it was coincidence (or maybe just dumb luck) that they actually found the net in that match... i think england will win 1-0 due to a better defense...

germany-usa 1-3 :)

germany had one attack against paraguay where a few of them actually appeared to be football players and not 80 year old men looking for their wheelchairs, they scored on that attack and won because paraguay had failed to take advantage of their opportunities... usa surprised me by beating mexico, i think they at least have a good chance...

senegal-turkey 2-0

turkey has basically done what they had to, nothing more, senegal has gotten way further than anyone expected and i think they´ll reach semifinals at least (hopefully the final)

spain-korea 2-2 (2-3)

spain has been lucky to get this far, i don´t think they´ll get any further... i think it will be a pretty even match with quite a lot of opportunities for both teams but korea will win on a golden goal...

in the semifinals senegal will beat england of course, and korea will beat usa and we´ll end up with senegal-korea in the final... :D
Originally posted by GRiN
Wasn't Ronaldo sick in the game against France in 98?
Conspiracy? :D

Anyway, hopefully Brazil will win. There's been too much hype over this England squad and their performance...

i remember there being quite a few different versions of the ronaldo fit / food poisoning / etc story.

i reckon they caught him on drugs and FIFA forced him not to play or else he'd be exposed.
Yeah I just checked the score, could be a tight game! I don't have this one live, but tonights game will be :)
What a winning goal that was from Ronaldino .. out-of-this-world and right in the goal post! Amazing stuff. Bad how Ronaldino was give a red card and sent off later.

Now, Brazil will play the winner of Turkey vs Senegal in the semis.
The way predictions are going, sorta doesn't pay to put your money on any teams. Some guy had 200 thousand and something on England for a win:eek:

Based on the previous upsets, it is likely USA will win tonight.

20 pages of (near) on topic posts - is this a record? :whatthe:
Brazil did it with only 10 men! Does this prove that England still has problems with their offence? :)
BTW, didn't Giancarlo say Brazil wouldn't make it further than the quarters? :D
i really thought england would win that match, until it actually started that is, brazil was by far the better team... the referee was a walking disaster but i´ve gotten used to that in this world cup...

didn´t it look like ronaldinho missed (?) that freekick? i don´t think he was going for the goal...

england made their worst game in this world cup, there was no speed, no anything... it didn´t look like they wanted to win...
what was up with that red card against ronaldinho? That was a pretty bad call. I feel pretty bad for David Seaman after ronaldinho scored that goal. He's going to take a lot of heat for that.
That Red Card should have been a Yellow Card at most. Brazil is a much stronger team than England. The English offense is lacking. I'm going to watch USA-Germany now.