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fantastico? Huh?


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It's another way of getting you to spend money on free stuff...

either that or a bundled package of free software put together so that cpanel can install these scripts for you. it really is convenient if you don't know how to install or setup databases and such...

I'm still on the fence about the whole thing

PS: a search on google only returned a few pron sites, so maybe it is legit after all...lol


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Fantastico an autoinstaller for cPanel servers. It integrates with cPanel and gives you the ability to install multiple instances of scripts for like
In an add-on domain , In a subdomain , In top level directories
its like a new game:)
fantastico is... not worth BUYING
yes, its usefull, but to be honest, how hard is it to create a .zip file, upload it, unzip it and create a database (sometimes the installers for the software do this too!)
I personally would not pay the $90 for the first copy, mabye the $20 and $20 after, but thats only because my users threaten to lynch me if I don't have it:p

Sain Cai

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I dunno from the webhost part, but I like fantastico, in fact I will not use a host that doesnt have it.

Yes I am lazy, and dont want to upload a forum into my base dir and create a database. I'd rather that be done for me


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I personally think fantastico is the biggest waste of money out there...there is some free alternative somewhere...


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I've never used Fantastico... then again I also haven't used cPanel in almost 5 years.

It may be n00b friendly, but it still sounds like a waste of money.


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Welcome to the forum, You've come to the right place if you were looking for the best forum on the net and best wishes for your future experience here.


I hate auto-install scripts, except for those packaging IPB.. as the phpBB ones don't really meet my expectations. CPanel is basically saying that you don't really know how to run a real server...

I use PHPMyAdmin most of the time, and never use CPanel, as I don't need to do anything with it except PHPMyAdmin. :p