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Established Web Site for Sale


Two Sheds
I am [attempting] to sell a dear old website of mine that I have maintained for over six years now. It is not the most professional site in the world, and it is not the most traffic intensive site in the world.

However, the site is a niche site and so would either suit somebody interested in the subject area, or somebody who likes working on a smaller scale, or just somebody who likes high quality targeted traffic.

The site is the main and most well known site in it's subject topic, and money making opportunities exist in the form of selling merchandise, selling services, or possibly even running ads.

It has somewhat active forums, with over 260,000 posts and over three and a half thousand registered users.

The domain for it is not particularly attractive, http://www.straightedgeonline.org but I can also include the relevant http://poisonfree.org

A lot of the site is known through it's other domain, toefur.com (for example, forums are at toefur.com/forums), however that domain is not for sale. Any succesful purchaser, though, can be guaranteed that after selling the site I would be happy to continue to host the site under that domain, or to create as many redirects as are wanted/necessary for the site itself and any individual pages.

I am sure somebody out there would like to own a site with inbuilt content, community, and high quality targeted traffic. :)


Two Sheds
Thanks. Don't like my chances of selling it though. :p

Oh well. I guess it was worth a try.

Unless Jan wants it for less than $AU1000? :D


New Member
I may be interested. Could you please PM me some traffic stats, any revenue the site has brought in from advertising, etc. Also, I understand the toefur.com domain name is not part of the sale, but are the forums that reside on that domain part of the sale? I'm not sure I'd consider the purchase without the active forums, even if I moved them over to one of the included domains and let you redirect toefur.com/forums to the new location. Let me know.

-- Shawn