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Ensure Seamless Business Operations with ESDS Managed Backup Solutions

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ESDS offers you continuous, fast and most importantly, reliable Managed Backup solutions. With ESDS, backup your critical using high-performance servers and disk-based data protection for Windows & Linux operating systems present in a physical or virtual environment.

Why Choose ESDS Managed Backup?

Continuous Backups
Take regular backups using ESDS Backup solutions that allow replication and synchronization across the entire network to protect disk volume data. Users can store all the time-based snapshots on disk-based storage. A highly recommended solution for backup of critical data and a faster recovery in case of file system crashes or a hardware failure, or any other unforeseen disasters.

Faster Backups
ESDS Managed Backup Solutions operates directly at the sector level for reading hard disk volumes. It also performs sector synchronization when the server is online, providing no interruption to other requests. Understanding the significance of faster recovery, it quickly reads the disk at the lowest levels, performing point in time recovery across all formats, partition tables and volume configurations.

Reliable Backups
Users can operate their Windows or Linux servers on a bare-metal restore and disaster recovery feature. There are multiple restoration points and a completely managed control panel for providing system-wide file application and server backups. Ensure online reliability for the heterogeneous ecosystem, end-to-end encryption, remote disaster recovery.

Backup Plans:

1.Backup Space: 100 GB
Monthly Cost: ₹ 599.00
Quarterly Cost: ₹ 1695.00
Half-Yearly Cost: ₹ 3360.00
Annual Cost: ₹ 6900.00
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2.Backup Space: 250 GB
Monthly Cost: ₹ 1050.00
Quarterly Cost: ₹ 3075.00
Half-Yearly Cost: ₹ 6120.00
Annual Cost: ₹ 12180.00
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3.Backup Space: 500 GB
Monthly Cost: ₹ 1750.00
Quarterly Cost: ₹ 5175.00
Half-Yearly Cost: ₹ 10320.00
Annual Cost: ₹ 20580.00
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4.Backup Space: 1 TB
Monthly Cost: ₹ 2650.00
Quarterly Cost: ₹ 7875.00
Half-Yearly Cost: ₹ 15720.00
Annual Cost: ₹ 31380.00
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Features of ESDS Managed Backup Solutions:

High-Performance Backups- With CDP 3.0, cut short the backup time from hours to minutes by improving data recovery point objectives by replicating the data to disk-based archive storage. Also, users can reduce the impact of backups on server loads.

Central Backup Repository- It is a central web-based administration with no requirement for special hardware. It works on the existing TCP/IP network infrastructure to manage 30 or more server backups on a single CDP enterprise server.

Portable Backups- CDP 3.0 portable Disk Safe® technology allows the seamless setup of backups. Users can migrate their Disk Safe to new locations and open it with another CDP installation.

Multi-Point Replication- With CDP 3.0, users can have multi-point replication for making efficient multiple backups of serves. Recovery points are present across both on-site and off-site.

Innovative Web Interface- Besides the policy management and reporting, users can browse, download and restore files from the recovery points with the help of an Explorer-type interface. Users can view the detailed progress of replication and restore jobs.

Maximum Protection for Databases- Users can backup MySQL and MS SQL databases online with the minimum I/O disk load.