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E-mail without Ads

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by bpowder89, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. bpowder89

    bpowder89 New Member

    I recently signed up for a free e-mail account and discovered that with every e-mail I send it puts a little ad for the e-mail provider with a link to their page.

    I really don't want that and the only way to see if they do it is to send yourself a message which I don't have time to do with everyone.

    So I'm asking what the best free e-mail is wihout any kind of that crap.

  2. NukedWeb

    NukedWeb New Member

    Are you looking for an email address for yourself, or to host the email service for your domain name? If you're looking for one for yourself, I can give ya noe on one of my domains as long as you're not sending/receiving large files. =)
  3. tslu

    tslu New Member

    Use the email that your ISP gives you. Mine doesnt have ads. Its great cuz I dont have to worry about storage space also
    :) :)
  4. bpowder89

    bpowder89 New Member

    Nuke, the account would be for myself. I don't think I'd use much bandwidth since I don't use e-mail that much but you still need one. That'd be awesome if I could get one from you, haha.

    And tslu, my ISP is Adelphia and they blow like you wouldn't believe when it comes to e-mail reliability. I've had messages never get to me because of them.
  5. NukedWeb

    NukedWeb New Member

    once upon a time, I got an email at my hotmail address, that had been sent one year, 8 months before. it was freaky as hell, because the girl that had sent it, had died the year before.

    Another bad reason for Adelphia: spam! those email spiders sometimes target specific domains, like @home.com, @aol.com, @hotmail.com, anything that has billions of users. My old ellipse@home.com got 300 messages per day before they went to comcast.net =)

    powder, do you have a preference of the domain name? I have nukedweb.com or snipples.com..and a few others that wouldnm't really fit well as email addresses. =) Email me with yer login/domain/pass and I'll set it up =) tim - at - nukedweb.com =)
  6. Weirds

    Weirds Weird Member NLC

  7. riseup

    riseup New Member

    mail.riseup.net .... Free email without ads... but the domain is not mine :D
  8. firefly@cn

    firefly@cn New Member

  9. NukedWeb

    NukedWeb New Member

    I wonder how many posts this thread will have before the original poster says "okay, I picked one, thanks guys!" :D
  10. riseup

    riseup New Member

    Okay, I picked one, thanks guys!
    :D :D :D :D

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