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Domainzero Names


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eNom has begun to drop the domainzero domain names

if you are waiting for your's check if it has dropped or not ;)
enom delete expired domain from their database 1-2 days after its expirydate but left it undeleted at NSI Registry for several days.

I recently renew a domain to eHost at $24.95 but Registrar-Lock is yet applied, anybody know how to unlock it?
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ok ty for the info. but im so dumb i thought my domain name will expire on 10-10 but it expired today 10-04. i tried to transfer it today to godaddy then received an email saying:


Your domain name transfer has FAILED. Unfortunately, we are unable to process a transfer request for an EXPIRED domain name.

Once a domain name has expired, it goes into a hold period for 45 days. The hold is placed by your current registrar.

Please re-register with your current registrar for one year, then send us an email requesting to resubmit your transfer. You will get one year added to your registration period with the transfer.

Thank you for your business.
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what should i do? 45 days? that's too long!
If the domain is important to you, I'd renew it. If you don't it will most likely drop, then you can register it somewhere else again, as if you never registered it before. Keep in mind that it will show up on every 'expired domain' list on the web, and if someone likes it, *they* might register it. In this case, it is gone, unless you can buy it back from them (I don't think you want to go there)...

$24.49 is not much when it comes to your headache and time of waiting for expired domain.
ultra, you have no choice, although a domain expire , it won't be available for registration or transfer until NSI registry delete it. Don't trust eHost who can change the rule everyday , I once had a domain available 4 days after expired , someone waited less than 2 weeks. Not sure about situation today.

Chicken, can you point out website that list expired domain?
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I have a few domains expired between Sep 29- Oct 2. I made a cronjob to check if they's available after expiry date and they're not yet available so far. I failed to do cronjob with a domain sixhead.com. This domain , which got 20-30 thousand hits per day , expired on Oct 1 and it's now (Oct 4) re-registered by an idiot who posted "Domain For Sale" I don't know how he can reregister this domain while many earlier expired domains were not yet deleted from NSI Registry ?!?!

I do no longer trust Network Commerce. So I renewed a few domains with eHost and emailed eHost@NetworkCommerce.com a few times asking them to *PUSH* all my renewed domains to my reseller account at enom but they did never reply, seems that they want to lock us forever, what should I do ?
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just transfer the domain names to another registrar than enom
you have the right for it and there will be no problems about it.
Registrar-Lock is still applied to all renewed domains, hence transfer denied.

Note: I just got two domains which expired Sep29 available for registration again this midday (Oct 5). It's around 5 days as eHost claimed on their website.
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than email enom or networkcommerce(ehost) to unlock the domains

in fact just changing the name servers was enough to unlock the domain for me try perhaps also works for you.
change dns

Originally posted by sense
in fact just changing the name servers was enough to unlock the domain for me try perhaps also works for you.

You can't do it for now. I think they fix the problem already. I'm so lucky that I got all my domain unlocked and transfered by that way.:biggrin2: :biggrin2: