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domain hosting cheap


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i need cheap domain hosting about 10-20mb
the important thing is it needs to be stable.
no fancy stuff will probally be uploaded
just html and gifs

needs to be cheap


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Our AH01 would be suitable for your requirements.

US$27.50 per year

Plan URL - http://www.enhancedhost.com/index.php?sitesig=ah&page=ah_003_Web Hosting

Your choice of either Plesk, Cpanel, Ensim or the Cobalt Control Panels

Disk Space - 100MB
Data Transfer - 3GB
POP3 Email - Unlimited
Subdomains - Unlimited
Mysql Databases - 5

Something to bear in mind when shopping around is that you not only need to allow for space for your own content, but mail and constantly changing log files as well. 100MB is a good place to start.

We're into our 5th year now, so you can rest assured you'll be in good hands. More info available at http://www.enhancedhost.com

A word from some of our clients: http://www.aussiefeedback.com

Feel free to drop by with any questions at http://www.aussieforum.com

Kind regards

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Hi hessan we can offer you

100 MB Space
2GB Transfer
POP3 Email addresses, forwarders, autoresponders
Email lists ,Webmail,FTP Account,PHP,Perl,SSI
Private Cgi-bin ,Webalizer Stats
phpMyAdmin ,FrontPage Extensions
Plesk Control Panel
Image magick,Netpbm
Click Here

For $24 a year , all plans can be upgraded when ever you want We can also put together a customised solution to meet your exact requirements if you like.


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We can offer you a plan a custom plan that matches exactly your requirements:

25MB Space (upgradable at later time, when it's really needed, why pay now for more space if you don't need it?)
500MB Bandwith (upgradable also at cheap price, since you said just html and gif I guess you won't need a lot of it so don't pay for something you won't use)
Cpanel to self manage your account
All the basic features(emails, etc)
Please visit http://www.twizonline.com/features.html for more info on what you you can get

Very reliable (100% uptime the last 4 months)

$2.49/month or $24.90 per year (2 months free)

Please contact me by mail or use the form at http://www.twizonline.com/custom.php if you're interested.



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We offer this:


Instant Access
FREE setup
100Mb server storage
5GB Bandwidth
50 POP Email accounts
Web Based Control panel
Web Based Mail (Squirrel Mail)
Unlimited E-mail Alias
Unlimited E-mail Forwarding
Unlimited autoresponders
FrontPage 2002
Web statistics
MySQL 3.23.36
PHP 4.2.2
99.9% Uptime
Many many more other features.


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Nexfer can offer you
20 MB Web Space
3 GB Transfer
Ensim Control Panel
Frontpage Extensions
Serverside Includes
Anonymous FTP
Telnet / SSH
Squirrelmail web mail
Unlimited email autoresponders/aliases/forwarders
Majordomo Mailing Lists
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Annually US$16

Mail at nexfer@nexfer.net to setup your account today.


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Justa note:

long4net and nexfer don't return emails which *technically* disqualifies them as good hosts. If you need any help with your account in the future, chances are you'll be ignored. :rolleyes:

Right guys? :devious2:

Ryan Saunders

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Although not yet advertised on the site but soon will be i can offer you:

50MB Webspace
1GB Bandwidth
25 FTP & POP3 Email Accounts.

For $25.

Plus access too all our other features listed on : http://www.dim8.net/site.php?inc=plans. If you'd like to order shoot an email to support@dim8.net and we'll send you a payment link.

This offer is open too anyone also but we only have 30 accounts of this type.

* Add $5 one time fee.


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Hi, hessan. Binary Web Designs can offer you the following:

- 100 MB Disk Space
- 3 GB monthly data transfer (5 GB if you sign up tonight)
- 99% uptime
- POP3 E-Mail
- $4.95/ month

Please visit our web site at http://www.binarywebdesigns.com/ or view the requested plan. We accept Paypal, checks, and money orders.


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Hello hessan.
We can offer you all of the things that you need.
Here are our Control Panel choices:
Plesk CP (hosting plans start at $3.95 a month)
CPanel (hosting plans start at $4.95 a month)

We accept PayPal and Credit Cards.All of our plans come with 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.
We hope to hear from you soon.

PH Lamar

New Member
Hello hessan-

It looks like our Level 1 Hosting plan, found at http://www.perfecthost.net/plans.htm ,
will meet your needs just fine. I am also posting a little information about the
network and hardware, as well as a little info about the company.

Price: $19.95/year

Level 1 Hosting Plan
30 mb space
1000 mb transfer
2 email accounts
1 ftp account

Some Other Features Included
Email Autoresponders
E-mail Aliases
E-mail Forwarding
Web Based Email
Frontpage Extensions
Detailed Web Statistics
File Manager
Customizable Error Pages
HotLink Protection
Spam Assassin
MIME Type Manager
Apache Handler Manager
Raw Log Files
Cron Job Manager
Downloadable Daily Backup

Technical information
Dual P3 1000 MHz machines with 1000 MB RAM
NOC in New Jersey---NAC <Note: We are also looking at ServInt.>
Nightly backups
Apache Web Server
Multiple OC3 Connections
Red Hat Linux

History of Perfecthost
We have been in the webhosting business for over 2 years now.
We began as PagesMadePerfect, a development company which also sold hosting.
The hosting part of PagesMadePerfect soon outgrew the development part, so a
decision was made to drop development and go straight hosting. In keeping with
the "perfect" theme, we started Perfecthost.net.

We accept MC/Visa/Discover/Amex and Paypal

Feel free to ask questions at sales@perfecthost.net

Thank you,