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Do you say Soda, Pop, or Soder?


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Just curious what parts of the world (mostly parts of the US) refer to a "a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring"

:beer: Happy 4th everyone

I call all of it Coke :p

My family that is in the northern part of the US call it pop while the more southern family calls it soda. I still call it all Coke though
I'm not much on them..but I call them sodas.

I'm more likely to want coffee, expresso, cappuccino or a Frap (Frappucino)

When I do sodas..they're normally Mountain Dew (ya-hoo! Mountain Dew!)

All jokes aside..I have never drank a Red Bull.

Well I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. and up there it's refered to as "pop". But, I now live in Nashville, TN. and down here it's all called "Coke", no matter if it's Pepsi, Sprite, or Mountain Dew, it's all "Coke". Some of the old rednecks here call everything a "cold drink".
In in Kentucky grew up in Florida. Diffrent parts of my family call it Soda and others Pop..I always call it soda

So ya... :D

build-a-host you are only about an hour to an hour and a half away from me :p[/offtopic]
I feel this is appropriate:

Top of the morning to you! I am brave English man who dare only drink Tea fresh from the hills. But that lovely and truly amazing but sugary Coke is the best.

But I call it all by it's name e.g. Fanta, Coke, 7UP, Sprite etc....
The term "pop" is generally used in Canada. But if I say "soft drink", everyone understands that term, right?
In Australia its just called Soft Drink
Soda is generally an American name for it.

Soda here usually refers to Soda Water (carbonated water). Pop we never use.