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Do you as a Free Hosting provider monitor users for spam/scams activity?

Discussion in 'Free hosting discussions' started by ttb62, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. ttb62

    ttb62 New Member

    I know most free hosting providers have hundreds of users. It must be difficult to monitor for spam/scams email activity. So I was wonder what methods do other free hosting providers use to monitor for this. Besides limitations on messages sent or cronjobs. If send mail is on it can be done by script. The the transfer rate will increase. So manually look for the script? Or what the heck just allow them to as long as there quota is not exceeded.

  2. V7Hostcom

    V7Hostcom New Member

    I would have thought that free hosts would attract spammers and scammers?

    I would personally user rkhunter and maldet to regularly scan the server as well as having mod_security installed
  3. jcarney1987

    jcarney1987 New Member

    My freehost I set emails to 30 per day and by request I will lift the limit after I've determined they are a honest webmaster looking to use our servers for legit reasons.
  4. koddos

    koddos New Member

    Free hosting is good for spammer. Security ... I doubt in their security.
  5. eUKhost

    eUKhost Member

    As a free web hosting provider, administrators should take care of spam/scam activities. After all, data protection is always important and comes first even if the customers are getting free hosting service.
  6. socialz

    socialz New Member

    I have a P4H host and of course that I do a weekly check of user sites and terminate accounts that are a risk. Every host company should do a check once a while.
  7. HostAnime

    HostAnime New Member

    Best thing is to always check server logs. Monitor emails that are being sent out, etc.
  8. ttb62

    ttb62 New Member

    I found a php file in an image directory a while back, it was a mailer. The sent message was one of those Nigeria scam mail. I think the user had a cron job set to run the script. I came across it after noticing a lot of bandwidth but not many visitors. I thought how can a hosting company with hundreds of sites manually go over files. One site at a time I guess.
  9. wr207

    wr207 New Member

    I as a space socket moderator do monitor this.
  10. zomgmike

    zomgmike Member

    If you're just getting started, nothing is quite like watching signups (not like the gestappo, but keeping a diligent eye on things) for a few weeks after they sign up. Most abusers will do it right away, they don't have the patience to wait around.
  11. WireValley

    WireValley New Member

    I use the WHM mail reports. It gives me graphs of how many emails are being sent out, how many per hour, etc.

    I check every day, throughout the day.
  12. Trel

    Trel Zen NLC

    Yes, there are many ways to keep an eye on your users, but for providers attempting to use the same model as paid webhosts there are several kinds of tools available. The free tools from 1H.com among them.
  13. mintedhost

    mintedhost New Member

    Spam is one of the issues i had faced before with my current hosting company.

    I try to check the server and manually check account for suspicious activity.

    But is a fight that you never end with.
  14. KingServers01

    KingServers01 Member

    yes, we do monitor servers to avoid spamming activity or else the IP will get blacklisted.

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