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Do hosts ever respond to trouble tickets anymore?


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Doesn't matter, a company should always respond to a paying customer.
Yup , but will you respond to a customer who is paying say 50 cents a month only, and has a issue that he/she doesn't know how to access admin section of some script he got installed from some user and blames that your server is messed up and crap over and over, when you tell him to locate the admin folder or provide you with the script name so you can try to google something out.

But no the client decides to keep bitching and yapping that server sucks , you suck and other garbage instead of providing support the required info to help ?

Would you really care to respond million times the same thing ?? Think about it for a second.

Or is your time just has no value ? Remember hosts should have some self respect too you know after all they are humans only and if someone thinks that they paying their host to keep their sites online and are their bitches and hosts live with that , well i am not sure what sort of person/host that is anymore.

Hosting is not all about money,services etc etc. its about building up your own character and confidence that comes in handy later on.

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Dear msrosie,

Which ticket's weren't responded to? Please give the ID and I will look into those for you, but after searching for your name no tickets were found.

Egor Tarabasov


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Was that a pang of guilt repoman???
I don't remember any particular host being mentioned.

msrosie - sorry but having a basic 'go' at hosts will get mixed 'sorry' and 'what is the problem' replies.
Hosts will try if they are serious about their business, and of course some will not. Payment does effect it, if you pay you 'should get service for it' but again check what you're due.
A question was asked about asking, I'll say 'silly but forgivable' questions, if that is the case you should still get a cursory reply, but don't expect much if you show no self help.
Basically a couple of posts to say nothing we don't know, be specific if you need to.