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Direct cd 5


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It happens really often Directcd 5 to destroy cds when I use it with my Yamaha 8x4x24 cd burner! Do you have any similar problems with directcd? (I use win98se and the cdburner is eide)
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well... my friend has a 16x burner and when he burned me something, it was messed up... then i told him to burn it at 4x and it worked fine...

i dont know why but its better to burn on 4x because it doesnt skip anything... i got a HP 4x burner (i got it when burners first came out) and everything i burn works 100%...

i have easy cd creator 5 (came with win xp) and it has direct cd... but everythin works fine for me :D

so try burnin at a slower speed so it dont skip anythin...

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If you have a good quality burner, it really shouldn't do things like that if you burn at maximum speed.

It's not buffer underrunning is it? If you are loading stuff on your computer, it will stuff it up while it's burning.


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It's called buffer underrun You need make sure no programs are running when you burn. But if you have a nice burner it would have buffer under run protection and it will slow down the burn process down until there is enough "buffer" to continue at full speed


i would repair or uninstall ez cd and reinstall and do a custom install install things that u will use and dont install things you wont use. direct cd has alot of compatibility issues. You can burn cds easy without using direct cd


Direct CD isn't still the best way to burn cds. I would recommend downloading Nero and purchasing it. It's a very good program.

Also, never burn at the max speed. If you have a 24x burner, burn at 16x or 12x. Just because it's a "24x" or whatever speed you have, doesn't mean the cds will always work when you burn at that speed. Just by suggestion. =)


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I use direct cd only for packet writing. My Yamaha recorder is a quality product. I think that the errors have to do with directcd only. I write almost always at 4x, even if my recorder can write at 8x speed on normal cds and 4x on rewriteables (24x is the reading speed).