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Desperate to get phpBB2 working...


New Member
After having battled with the original phpBB, I decided that I should cut my losses, quit and then try the latest version.

So, first problem - I struggle finding somewhere to download it from. Where is the "official" download page?

Anyroad, I gets myself a copy and there are no kind of instructions. Maybe I got this from an unofficial source?

Do I just stick 'em all in one directory? What needs chmodding to what?!

Totally confused. I need some instructions!

- Aquatix :eek:

(Will perform tricks, chores, general favours, etc. for installation help!;))


New Member
I think, that no chmoding is necessary. Just upload and run the install. But there are instruction in the package.
No Chmod?! Wow...

I will download from the link you provided and see how I get on...


- Aquatix :)


New Member
some chmodding is necessary, otherwise you´ll probably get a internal server error... but its all in the instructions what needs to be chmodded to what...


you dont have to chmod anything. just upload it put in the db info ur user name and thats it if you get an error you will be prompted that your config file is messed up and it will download the file and you upload it to the forum directory and then you can log in phpbb2 also remove instrall.php upgrade.php and any update.... or someone will be able to mess with it. it is very easy compared version 1.x