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Demanding Request

Discussion in 'Free hosting discussions' started by tumble, May 26, 2006.

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  1. tumble

    tumble Owner/Operator NLC

    Is it just me or are the folks looking for free hosting very demanding. Like i want and it has to have this.

    Just seems strange cause really they are getting it for free. think they would be a bit more humble.

  2. ConorO

    ConorO New Member

    Exactly. And when they do get free hosting, all they do is complain complain complain.
  3. nice_dude

    nice_dude New Member

    many topics i see is requesting like 15GB space, 50GB bandwidth to say we give it away, how do you cove the cost of 50GB by ads?
  4. tumble

    tumble Owner/Operator NLC

    And the worse thing is "host" are willing to deal with these folks. Such a shame. I am sure a lot of people who request have great ideas for sites. But as they glance thru the forum they see what people are giving away and then ask for the same. Even if they dont need it.

    So in a way it seems that the perspective clients are being trained to act in this way. I can see many post were "i will give you anthing host" are popping upto offer hosting without a second thought to what they see in the OP post. Jeez its like they dont even have to tell you what thier site is about to gain hosting.

    And i am just guessing it is going to get worse now that summer break is upon us.
  5. jiehao85

    jiehao85 ORiN NLC

    For me, I am quite willing to take in websites that require 50GB of bandwidth in exchange for ads. I can do that since I can more or less cover my costs already.
  6. FHC-Sales

    FHC-Sales New Member

    Agreed...however.. if someone is asking for something free they are in no position to demand anything. It has been getting crazy lately..

    "Free VPs Needed"
    "Free Dedi Server"
    "Blah blah"

  7. Kwek

    Kwek Devious Deviant NLC

    Free VPS and Free Dedi... those 2 are the worse requests ever. Why dont you just say "Build me a Freakin DataCenter!".
  8. jiehao85

    jiehao85 ORiN NLC

    I say we should ban such requests like Free Dedicated servers or Free VPS. We webhosts need to have an easier process to keep out such requests.
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