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DDOS Protection

Maybe ask if it can be included as extra (DDoS Protection), I don't think ingfina was being sarcastic, if you already know how much management like that costs then don't include it in a $180 asking price or mark things as extras.
Well ot depends on what kind of DDoS they are including. Technically they could install APF with DDoS configured and say it was "DDoS Secured". But, typically this includes a hardware firewall and some management. That is hard to get for that price.
Or the host could post here and say 'leave them alone they don't want DDoS'

Now that was sarcasm FYI

Even an APF is just a shutdown so not a solution, needs management 24/7 with advanced tools or the hardware option with remote management at least.

Either way lets leave the person too it (one last comment though - that's not high end, it's mid range)

Good luck on your search
I agree APF is not a real solution. But thats about all they could expect at that price. If there ever was a DDoS attack they would be real disappointed with how it worked.
I didn't mean to start/stop a DDoS discussion (and/or being sarcastic). Just interested in a $180/server deal with DDoS (whatever is meant/included).
I actually don't care about their claims about DDoS protection - I'd check those out myself and make up my own mind.

So, where can I have a look at the DDoS deal?
(jiehao85 feel free to PM)

To contribute something useful: Burst should come close to what you are looking for. (http://www.nocster.com/servers.shtml)
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No offence to any one but DDoS is mostly management which is costly
(24/7/365) advanced admin.

Roughly I'd say on a company offering about $2-300 a month just in case - and that's a small cost.
It all depends on the datacenters setup
Both Include advanced DDoS filtering via hardware firewalls free becuse they deal with 90% IRC 10% web

There are alot of n00bs out there caling nulling ips a soloution to DDoS attacks..
Dont be fooled nulling a ip just means the people attacking the server are winning quicker!!
Point is you can get DDoS protection cheap or even included depending on the datacenter..
I'm sure that you'll easily find a datacenter which offers you a dedicated box for 180$/mo or less with DDoS protection but you need to understand that:
» You should be able to get 500Mbit/s DDoS attack without issues a few times
» You shouldn't be able to get a 500Mbit/s DDoS attack 24/7/365, if you are receiving that amount of traffic you'll need to pay for a 500Mbit/s dedicated line which isn't cheap