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Datablocks.net - down?


New Member
Whas up with Datablocks.net?
Last post on their forum was from 4th Nov.!
Any ideea about what's happened there?

Datablocks experienced a short period of downtime today due to a DoS attack conducted through our server by one of the members. That member has now been removed from the system..

Datablocks has far from run out of money :)

Look for datablocks Fase 2, shortly

well i think i know phase 2 here is an email i got from datablocks today:
To The Owner Of Tera-Byte:

I am looking to sell my webhosting business. I have 3100 customers and I get
about 150 new ones per day.

WE are asking for $15,000USD for the company. Are you interested?


now maybe my math is faulty but i remember these guys saying they made 5.00 per signup, at 150 signups a day they are currently earning 22,500 a month, does it make any sense to anyone to sell a 22,500.00 a month company for 15,000.00 ? it doesnt make a bit of sense to me. another cool feature of his business is he has less customers on line today after 6 months or so ive seen them on this board, than he should have in under a month with his per day rate :)I put this one on the books as another moron that doesnt know squat and is making even less.


I said right from day 1 that this clown was full of shit! Thanks for proving it for us Steve. Yikes! What a MORON! Bahahahaha!

To Datablocks: I'll give you $50 for your company. Take it or leave it. It should only take a year of so to make my investment back at your current income level. Mwuahahahaha!
u are all wrong.. :)

Phase 2 consists of selling datablocks then continuing on with realtime-hosting.com and adguys.net

nothing has changed.. I still make the money from the surveys..

Datablocks consists of 3 partners.. and the 3'rd is being a real f**king jerk so I am moving on alone..

I am opening my survey system to the public so you guys can make money just like I do with datablocks

we can all be rich

Just have to stop this petty arguing and shit.. if we all work togather instead of against each other, we can make a fortune from free hosting..

Originally posted by Datablocks
u are all wrong.. :)

Just have to stop this petty arguing and shit.. if we all work togather instead of against each other, we can make a fortune from free hosting..

Problem is that when someone lies and then gets caught, the trust in that person is lost. So maybe it's a great idea if you come clean.
Come clean about what?

I have nothing to hide.. i dont really care if you dont beleive me.. but things will be proven..

I want everyone making money.. if you guys are making money from me, then I am making money from you.. we all win!

and the end user benifits from great service

so why would I lie? and or be dishonest? it would be stupid.. I would lose out!

Ohhhh bullsh!t

I've said it since the beginning and I'm still saying it. You don't know what you're talking about and you are completely and utterly FULL OF SH!T! I agree with Steve on this one. He's been in this business longer than you could ever dream of being. Are you saying he's wrong too? You're just a wanna-be FWP owner that can't seem to get it right. Whatever! No skin off my ass but anyone that falls for your line is an even bigger idiot that you are.
I emailed you like you said and I never got any response. And the datablocks signup form is for a cobrand with freemerchant.com