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cPanel account creator


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is there a free cPanel account creator. i dont care if it has myql, but kinda needs to be php. i have googled it and came up with "cpanel hosts" only. then hotscripts and only the afmr services one that doesnt even work. any ways, is there a free one lying around that works. i got whm, if that helps :p



If you have root access to your server, yes. Otherwise, no.

btw, cPanel is kind of expensive, and I'm not sure that you would want to buy it for yourself. Unless, of course, you make a substansial amount of money off your site.


I'm 95% sure that it is impossible to create cPanel accounts with PHP. I don't think that PHP has that kind of server integration capability. Perl and CGI should be able to though.

If you do decide on an automatic cPanel script, make sure that it doesn't send your WHM username and password, and that it opens the WHM in the 2096 port.
The script I got makes cpanel accounts through WHM if you already have cpanel. It is in PHP and it works so.... Tell me if this fits your criteria.



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You should be able to use the accounting function. The accounting function works good. Cpanel has a layout of it on their site. If you need a description or even one, just pm me or I can post it here. You need to declare your variables and then use
 <? require '/usr/local/Cpanel/Accounting.php.inc';
$host = "localhost";
$user = "root";(or you username)
$accesshash ='(insert your access hash here)';
createacct ($host,$user,$accesshash,$usessl,$domain,$username,$password,$package) ;
That should answer your questions. Am I mis-understanding what you are asking?
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