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Coupons for Respected Registras?

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by .Bobby, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. .Bobby

    .Bobby New Member

    Hello guys,

    I'm thinking of buying some domains, but like many, would like to get it at a good price. From the way I see it, since i'm not buying in bulk, the only way I could get good deals, is through Coupons. Anyone have any coupons for Respected Domain Registra's, i.e Namecheap, Register.com, GoDaddy, etc?

    Would greatly appreciate it!

  2. ~ServerPoint~

    ~ServerPoint~ New Member

    Do search for the godaddy name. I believe you will find tons of the coupons for them
  3. .Bobby

    .Bobby New Member

    Most are outdated. And, Godaddy coupons aren't worth much. They cut it down only by about US$1-2 on an average, unless you spend more than $150, where they'll cut it by 20%.
  4. ExpertWebHost

    ExpertWebHost Active Member

    May be you can try some coupons and domain registration offers here
  5. seospwebsite

    seospwebsite New Member

    Yes , so many websites are there for buying domain names like ibeehosting.com, etc
  6. Dynash

    Dynash It gets better. NLC

  7. .Bobby

    .Bobby New Member

    Awesome! Thanks!
  8. SiberForum

    SiberForum New Member

    FYI: all given coupon codes are the ones for the REGISTRATION only. Be sure that you will have different price for the renewal or domain name transfer
  9. engineerroy2008

    engineerroy2008 New Member

    I can give one coupon for Namecheap.com which i used now to buy one domain and also for transfer of the domain to namecheap


    this is for transfer only but it also works fine for the domain name registration :)

    As said most of the Godaddy coupons show invalid if you try
  10. engineerroy2008

    engineerroy2008 New Member

    Just got one Coupon from Godaddy gdr0313n will give you a .com domain for $7.49 a year, never tried it, it is a promotional mail i got
  11. .Bobby

    .Bobby New Member

    Thanks guys. Keep them coming.

    Maybe the Mods could sticky this for future references, or something along those lines?
  12. SiberForum

    SiberForum New Member

    Or create official thread for the each accredited domain name registrar?
  13. .Bobby

    .Bobby New Member

    Could be an alternative too.
  14. HQHost.net

    HQHost.net New Member

  15. .Bobby

    .Bobby New Member

    Awesome. Keep them coming!
  16. Logand

    Logand New Member

  17. boyfrenship91

    boyfrenship91 New Member

    Just got one Coupon from Godaddy gdr0313n will give you a .com domain for $7.49 a year
  18. ntjedge

    ntjedge New Member

    Try GETDOLLAROFF at NameSilo. You get .com for $4.99 with Free privacy protection. You can use the coupon on other domain extensions too and get $1 reduced from the cost price :)
  19. joshua87

    joshua87 VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting Premium Member

    "privacyplease" is worth free Whois privacy at name.com.
  20. daica85

    daica85 New Member

    If you want to buy domains .COM at Godaddy with $0.99, try these codes below (new customers only)

    If you want to buy at NameSilo, try this code 1WELCOME, you will get $1 discount (new customers only too)

    Get here if you need more other registrars coupons: http://ecoupon.io/

    I hope this helps

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