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Computer not booting


New Member
I have tried many times but my pc fails to boot.
My Ram is working fine. Processor fans are working fine. Can even see the lan lights blinking
But I cant get any output on monitor.
I have checked the monitor, its working.. pls do help me with it

config is as follows

msi motherboard
intelpentium dual core processor,
2 gb ram
win 7 os
Have you used your Operating Software boot disk to boot the computer? As that seems to be the only option left. Either that, or to take it to a qualified computer technician to troubleshoot.
Have you managed to fix this yet? As others have said it sounds like your video card needs replaced.
Did it work before? Or is this a computer you just built? Make sure your components are compatible.
Did you see anything on your monitor when you press Power on button? If yes, then you should check your Windows setting (Booting into Safe mode may help) If no, maybe your VGA output may broken.

You didn't mention which VGA you were using but according to your specification, I assume you were using VGA onboard (which is intergrated into the motherboard).

You may try to test the monitor by plug it into any working computer to check whatever the cable is working or not.
If you have a video card and your motherbored has integrated video try using the integrated video port. If that still fails remove your video card unplug and hit the power button to drain all power, open your case (be sure to ground your self befor touch any pc circuts such as mobo, cpu, ram, video card etc because if you shock this piece with static it will fry the circut), remove the video card, removed the battery, consult your motherboard to use onbored jumpers to clear CMOS.

After all that try to boot your computer with integrated. If it works put your battery and video card back in and try to boot again. If fails you may have a bad video card.
It would be very helpful if you wrote which mbo and/or graphics card do you have so we could give you more informations and ideas what to try.
Just a little bit confused... If it can't boot then no light should be visible in the unit. If there's a pilot light blinking but no display then it's possible to say a damaged video card. Maybe you can use an external monitor to double check if whether your video card is working.
Please check your BIOS settings (from another monitor) and mother board. However, you might need to reassemble all of your hardware devices.