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changing registrars?


New Member
can i change registrars from joker to somewhere else befoe it expires? or do i have to wait 'till it expires?

also, can anyone recommend a place to move it to where i wouldn't be charged to change details?
I recently moved one from Joker (before it expired) to RedirectionNet (part of Tera-Byte) and it went fine with no more expense other than the new year additional fee. I believe that you don't have to use their redirection service and they will set you up with a control panel for it-check with them on this. Actually, you can probably go to just about anyone else to do a transfer now.
You don't have to wait and any time you have left will just be added to the new amount of time. So if you had 6 months left, you'll now have a year and 6 months.

Do you mean details like ownership of the domain? I don't know of any that *charge* for changing details like contact info or DNS.
When you change the registrar its up to the NEW registrar zo handle the transfer...
You have to check the NEW registrar for details how to handle it...

As far as i know, Joker only charges for ownership change, for nothing else.
At bulkregister.com, you list your domains, one per line, in a form, and they do the transfer for you. All transferred domains will be registered for a new year or whatever you have choosen as your default registration period (1-10 y.). If you weant to save money you might wait untill your domains are ALMOST expired before you transfer. Transfering from nsi took several weeks, but I had nothing to do than replying to 2 emails (one from nsi, one from bulkregister)
the good , the bad and the ugly

Ways of replying email like nsi or bulkrgister is out of dated and these registrars did not worth our money and time to deal with.
I recently move off bulkregister to opensrs by receiving only one email from opensrs without replying any email, just click ok on the given url and the transfer was done in 10 days.

Most resellers of bulkregister place their client's domain modification requests manually. That is the catastrophy if they are not willing to fulfill client's requests, the only way you can do is contacting bulkregister directly. I once tried contacting bulkregister upon domain dispute, it take 24 hrs to get reply , they told me "we will contact the reseller first" , i waited and waited for 4-5 days , no progress , I then emailed them again and they replied "we will try to contact the reseller again". , "we will call them today". I waited but nothing changed, no reply. Finally I had to transfer my domain off bulkregister.

I wont' mention the ugly of NSI because we already know the story.