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BidVertiser vs. Google AdSense

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by LM-Neil, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. tostra

    tostra New Member

    With Bitvertiser is that they have less advertisers so less relevant ads to display ...so the CTR is not that good. Google as no problems with advertisers, nor displaying relevant and attractive ads, and so the CTR is much higher.
  2. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

  3. dotXia

    dotXia New Member

    I have received much better fill rates with AdSense - would highly recommend it to first time ad publishers.
  4. WO Mark

    WO Mark New Member

    I prefer Google Adsense.. Although I don't exactly earn a lot - I have trust in them, and that makes me feel confident.
  5. HyperHosts

    HyperHosts New Member

    I've used adsense, it's alright however I don't like that it pays by cheque however I have also used infolinks. Unlike google ads I dont need massive ad boxes. Infolinks highlights certain words that an ad may trigger. I also believe payout is at $50 however for a heavy traffic site that's no worries. I've used both methods and been paid by both so depending on what ads you may want to show, all depends on what you use.
  6. weblaunch

    weblaunch New Member

    Google Adsense is far and away the best, IMO. I also like Chitika, although they're more a second tier network.
  7. J J

    J J Member

    I'm not sure what the percentage is for the revenue share for Bidvertiser, but AdSense currently share 68% of the revenue. - So I'm inclined to think AdSense are pretty damn decent. The last time I used Bidvertiser, let's just say, they wasn't the best in my opinion for a number of reasons:

    - Ads were never targeted that well, due to their lower amount advertisers, in comparison to AdSense for example.
    - Clicks were always, always low in value

    Those two points are enough to steer clear and stick with the market leader; which is AdSense.
  8. HostPanda

    HostPanda New Member

    I've been with both.

    I find Adsense to pay a lot more than BitVertiser.

    Though I hear BitVertiser is more trusting in terms of actually wanting to pay you for earnt money.
  9. samlymu

    samlymu New Member

    I have to say adsense is more popular and effective. And I also work with reachjunction and some smaller ad networks. Because they are not so strict.
  10. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    This thread is from 2005...
  11. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    And does anybody care about the question any more?
  12. SitesTen

    SitesTen New Member

    Personally I quit adsense as it's getting too much false clicks, especially if your budget is not quite high. I never tried the other service you mentioned.
  13. nilofer

    nilofer New Member

    Well Adsense is definitely the best without any question! But for those who do not get their account approved or get banned, They will have to do something. So in 2tier networks Bitvertiser, chitika and edomz.com cost per view network are best and well known for there good ecpm rate and reliability.
  14. roillinpr

    roillinpr New Member

    For the last 4 years, I have been doing great with adsense and this is my favorite too.
  15. Webtalk

    Webtalk New Member

    needless to say that Adsense is better but Adsense used to banned publisher without any reason.
  16. Weblogs

    Weblogs New Member

    it is bad

    Bidvertiser sux great time, its nowhere near adsense. Their ads on my site seem to change never. Same old ads again and again :eek3:
  17. animal

    animal New Member

    Do these all work with the UK?
    As I'm found some that don't... I'm currently using google adsense, but have got stuck at £55 and cannot seem to get the last £5 to get my first cheque - well pain in the butt
  18. indyature

    indyature New Member

    always the big google is best
  19. webmarshals

    webmarshals New Member

    According to me,
    Google adsense is the first
    Adbrite next
    Rest follows
  20. 7pz hosting

    7pz hosting New Member

    atieded various

    You can't beat adsense in terms of making money. They are horrible to deal with IF you are making a lot. Around 10k or so you seem to get banned. Happened twice so far and the listed reason is always, "No reason can be provided for the ban. We understand this can be frustrating for you."
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