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Best WordPress Hosting

Discussion in 'Web hosting requests' started by proka, Oct 19, 2014.

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  1. proka

    proka New Member

    Hello guys,
    I am about to launch my new site on WordPress... I am looking for some good hosting solutions. It was recomended to me to use Synthesis, but it seems to me quite expensive..
    Do you have any idea where to host my site?

  2. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Member

    You can compare some good web hosting companies in review sites. Web hosting review sites help to decode much information regarding the reliability and stability of various web hosts.
  3. proka

    proka New Member

    Ok, i will take a look at some comparators, thanks
  4. KingServers01

    KingServers01 Member

    I would recommend you to consider companies which can provide you with Separate or specialized WordPress hosting plans on dedicated servers.
  5. DrDaniel Cormack

    DrDaniel Cormack New Member

    Cano Hosting - New, Cheap, High Quality, 99.99% Uptime, 75% Discount On First Order!


    My name is Daniel from the new hosting company Cano Hosting. Why not come and check us out at canohost(dot)net/

    If you would like to place and order today get 75% off using discount code: XUE174GSO2

    What do we offer you?

    • cPanel with a website builder
    • Full customer support on all plans
    • Good quality servers at low price

    Why choose us?

    • Full Customer Support
    • We are fully customer based
    • Our servers are up 99.99%
    • 24/7 Automatic Monitoring of systems
    • Security with your domain name
    • Cheap, high quality web hosting for all needs
    • Fully automatic, 100% safe ordering system

    What plans do we offer?

    Tier free

    • Disk quota (MB) - 1000
    • Monthly bandwidth (MB) - 3000
    • Max FTP Accounts - 1
    • Max Email Accounts - 1
    • Max Email Lists - 1
    • Max Databases - 2
    • Max Sub Domains - 2
    • Max Parked Domains - 2
    • Max Addon Domains - 2

    Tier one -

    Disk quota (MB) - 5000
    Monthly bandwidth (MB) - 15000
    Max FTP Accounts - 1
    Max Email Accounts - 1
    Max Email Lists - 1
    Max Databases - 10
    Max Sub Domains - 10
    Max Parked Domains - 10
    Max Addon Domains - 15

    Tier two -

    Disk quota (MB) - 20000
    Monthly bandwidth (MB) - 50000
    Max FTP Accounts - 50
    Max Email Accounts - 50
    Max Email Lists - 50
    Max Databases - 100
    Max Sub Domains - 100
    Max Parked Domains - 100
    Max Addon Domains - 100

    Tier three -

    Disk quota (MB) - 50000
    Monthly bandwidth (MB) - 125000
    Max FTP Accounts - Unlimited
    Max Email Accounts - Unlimited
    Max Email Lists - Unlimited
    Max Databases - Unlimited
    Max Sub Domains - Unlimited
    Max Parked Domains - Unlimited
    Max Addon Domains - Unlimited

    Reseller one

    • Disk quota (MB) - 30000
    • Monthly bandwidth (MB) - 30000
    • Max FTP Accounts - 30
    • Max Email Accounts - 30
    • Max Email Lists - 30
    • Max Databases - 30
    • Max Sub Domains - 30
    • Max Parked Domains - 30
    • Max Addon Domains - 30

    Reseller two

    • Disk quota (MB) - 60000
    • Monthly bandwidth (MB) - 120000
    • Max FTP Accounts - Unlimited
    • Max Email Accounts - Unlimited
    • Max Email Lists - Unlimited
    • Max Databases - Unlimited
    • Max Sub Domains - Unlimited
    • Max Parked Domains - Unlimited
    • Max Addon Domains - Unlimited

    Reseller three

    • Disk quota (MB) - Unlimited
    • Monthly bandwidth (MB) - Unlimited
    • Max FTP Accounts - Unlimited
    • Max Email Accounts - Unlimited
    • Max Email Lists - Unlimited
    • Max Databases - Unlimited
    • Max Sub Domains - Unlimited
    • Max Parked Domains - Unlimited
    • Max Addon Domains - Unlimited

    So why not come and check us out today?

    Please feel free to contact us here

    canohost(dot)net/support or

    Cano Hosting Team
  6. XiNiX

    XiNiX Active Member

    You can Try XiNiX. We have been Hosting Sites since 2008.
    Visit : http://www.xinix.net ( We have 75% OFF Deal on Annual Plans )
  7. AJKservers

    AJKservers Member

    Try looking at http://www.Zeropid.com , You get fast shared hosting with 1-click wordpress hosting facility.
  8. King-Servers

    King-Servers New Member

    I would recommend you to consider companies which provide separate and dedicated plans specialized for WordPress hosting. Many companies have dedicated servers for WordPress websites.
  9. Crook-sam

    Crook-sam Member

    Personal website hosting is a booming business. People everywhere are building websites to post precious wedding pictures, baby pictures, family video clips, party invitations, personal blogs and more. You don't need to be an expert to pull this of either.

    M7INTERACTIVE New Member


    I would like to introduce you to M7interactive.com. We offer shared and reseller hosting with amazing support. We are currently offering 25% off any plan for the life of the plan and Free upgrades. Use coupon code Today25.

    Email us at sales@m7interactive.com if you need more information

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Nick_Daley

    Nick_Daley New Member

    Many company now provide separate WordPress servers specially designed for WordPress website. You need to search for such companies for better services.
  12. Rumsfo

    Rumsfo Member

    There are already many well-established web hosting firms nowadays that offer affordable web site hosting plans with excellent capacity and quality. This just gets to show that the market of budgeted web hosting is lively and competitive.
  13. Hostingsource

    Hostingsource Member

    The old adage, "you get what you pay for", seems most appropriate in their case, and I would rather pay that few extra dollars for their reliability and competence than to find my sites down for long periods at a stretch, costing me more money than the few bucks I can save in hosting fees.
  14. preetlove

    preetlove New Member

    inmotion hosting
    Host Gator
  15. sclaeys

    sclaeys New Member

    The top WordPress hosting site is ImbaHost. No doubt this is where you will find an easy experience at good prices.
  16. joshua87

    joshua87 VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting Premium Member

    You may want to take a look at mrhostingspace.com. They will preload the WordPress script and give you plenty of free themes to choose. You can also get a free domain name with their hosting packages. I can tell you they are reliable and have excellent support.
  17. I can suggest a reliable (%99.9 uptime guarantee) web hosting, ProperWeb. Its Bronze package costs only $2.96 USD per month ($3.95 CAD) and has unlimited storage and bandwidth. You can choose data centre from 3 continents (America, Europe, Australia). If you do experience any problem they respond to your query under 60 mins (typically 30 mins).
  18. Hosting24pw

    Hosting24pw New Member

    We can offer you proper, fast, DDoS protected hosting for Wordpress at hosting24.pw
  19. skynethosting

    skynethosting New Member


    You can try our high performing SSD Shared Hosting Plans that are optimized for word press. We offer SSD, One Click Word Press Install and hack Protection with the plan.
    You can check the Shared plans at https://skynethosting.net/web-hosting.htm

    We have a special offer for you on Shared hosting :)
    >> You can pay for 3 months and get 9 months hosting FREE : Use coupon LOVEFREAK
    >> You can pay for 6 months and get 18 months hosting FREE + FREE upgrade to MailChannels Cloud : Use coupon LOVEFREAK2
    **(Offers applied to Pro plans only)

    You can directly purchase from our website https://skynethosting.net/cpanel-web-hosting.htm or chat with a sales agent for more details.

  20. copahost

    copahost New Member

    WordPress is a first-rate content management platform, database driven and embracing a large number of extensions, plug-ins & Internet applications. Also, providing customization that responds directly to client's requirements such as bandwidth, privacy & security and domain specs.

    In order to ensure you'll have one of the best WordPress hosting services, all you need to aware the following things, have a look:
    • What are your requirements? As you must be cleared with the specs such as the amount of bandwidth, available storage room, the server applications & average downtime yearly.

    • Latest versions must be available

    • It is important to check the hosting reviews before heading to any WordPress hosting service

    • WordPress Hosting is all about “convenience” that you'll get from the website is fully functional & secure. Since WordPress works with cloud servers. And, you'll always have speedy access in order to access the sites.
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