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Best Free Forum Software

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phpbb used to be very good. especially the phpbb2.
but i kinda feel that phpbb3 is quite hard to change its themes compare to phpbb2
@cs squad , if you need some help with that , just holla .
I'm quite used to phpbb and have no trouble whatsoever .

Best Regards
Even phpbb has a wordpress plugin .
But now , Peo , since you suggest vanilla forums(I think I've seen it running somewhere , just can't recollect) , I'll go test it myself anyways .
large user base with many modifications and themes available .
-Lays very high significance on security .
-Large forums like Prize live too use it without many hick ups , so stability is never an issue .
-Oldest of the 3 forums in this list afaik
-mod installation is as simple as browse and install
-very large user base and lots of developers , theme arists , etc.
-very large database of modifications , themes , developer resources , etc.
-Good with security , stability and usability(I have seem some really really massive forums too use it)
-Arguably Most popular of the three
-The newest version(3.06) has really improved a lot and it works beyond my expectations . Now runs with quick reply , and multiple captcha(including reCaptcha) systems , universal user reporting database system , etc. and lots more right out of the box . I currently use this and am highly satisfied .
-Modification installation is to be done manually using ftp and editing of files might be required for certain modifications(unless you are using their automod installer that is also available on their website)
I think its phpBB hands down really. I still prefer vB but if your going free, phpBB is the way to go.
mybb is the best of alls plugins amazing themes which you can customize it even like xenforo,vbulletin,phpbb, i assure you that if there is a pro designer of mybb he can do and lots of things:)
krama feente

I heard PHPBB will have a big change at 4.0 version. I hope it's true and come in soon.

PHPBB till uses very old technique and always has a problem with robots spam.

SMF, MYBB, PHPBB are all great free licence forum software. :p
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