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Best anti virus


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i have facing some problem with my PC. virus of my computer is not removing. i have been install window. tell me the best anti virus for my PC.
I have used VIPRE for several years and have been reasonably happy with it. The nicest part is that it's fairly reasonable to license multiple computers. I have 5 computers or so I need to put AV on.
I'm using

I'm using Unthreat, it's the best AV I've used in a while and I'm very happy with it! It doesn't slow down my computer and is really easy to use
New scanning concepts are now on the market that do not heavily rely on an updated text file list of definitions. In my own opinion Hardware Security smokes software but it can be a bit costly. I would suggest bench marking all of the anti virus (software) packages available and make your own decisions based on your specific needs, for defense.

Most people can avoid infection just by tweaking their default Windows/Linux/Mac settings. Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are a prime example.

You can not depend just on a single piece of software to protect you from infections. That's a fact and every time I fix a laptop, netbook or harden someone's server - I tell them this same thing over and over again. It start's with the end user.

That's the best protection you can get.
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Free Avast is nice but in corporate/business setting I have found Symantec to be quite nice. No longer as bloated as before. Heck, even Norton is no longer a bloated. Endpoint is quite nice now.
Quick Heal anti virus are doing good nowadays......You can also try Intel Mc Afee or Kaspersky...............

Hope this will help
Am Using Quick Heal AntiVirus..Which works good to my PC...One thing what type of antivirus you are using, you have to buy that..Otherwise all antiviruses will be UN-useful..
well as per my view i dont think it is use full..usin my pc without ANTIVIRUS for like 2 yrs not a sigle slow time :)
I would recommend AVAST antivirus. From my experience there are very good protection, is free,and takes up very little system resources!
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Avast is good! I used to have the free version and just recently bought the paid version of it - I feel safer than ever.
I agree with many of them thet avast is very best.Free program,just send e-mail and you have activation for one year, it does not take a lot of resources of computers and I use it very long time, and never have problem whit virus of any kinde...!!