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Banned from google.


New Member
Ive been banned from google from invailid clicks just as i reached 100 quid mark. Is there anyway to get back with them, will my details eventually be wiped of their system?


Actually, new bank account, tax ID, name, IP address, and email address. :)

Anyway, look for something else. I wouldn't waste time trying to skirt the rules and re-apply. There are ways to make much more through other networks, anyway. Take a look at some of the less common networks - they can sometimes tend to pay more. :)


It gets better.
Yeah, I was saying it in the sense of UK though, I know the whole Tax ID, IP doesn't really apply, I've yet to know if Google checked the IP, because a friend re-applied after he was banned.

I'd sell advertisement space on your site, rather than using an ad network, at least then you know you will have solid cash.


IP does matter - it's possible your friend's changed (if he had to reset his Internet connection, or even if his router lost power, for instance).


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Maybe someone did it to you (on purpose)..... If (lets say) I click your ads for 100x (valid clicks), I'm pretty sure your account will be banned (that's what I heard)...


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Thats what someone did to me when I had $300 on my adsense account.

Google terminated it and said oh well. Have not even bothered with advertising since.


Yep someone else can click ads for you. Even if they click like 5 a day that will ring a trigger and google can shut u offline. Its reallly stupid but I suggest reading there TOS for a good laugh


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I think google does this with many. my account was also blocked when it crossed $100 mark and the payment was meant to be made.

Google said that I has invalid clicks but I was getting 50-60 visitors per day and only 3-4 clicks per day. I don't think that these 3-4 clicks would be by single person. I sent mail to google but same automated reply.

Now I am not using any ad service.


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speaking of getting banned from google adsense, is it possible for someone to sabotage your account? for example, you have google ads on your site and some guy with an agenda against you decides to start clicking your ads everyday just to get you in trouble. wouldn't that raise some sort of red flag at google and you would end up getting screwed?


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i also was banned from Google, not the complete account, just one url

reason: unknow, because they send you an automated mail with a couple of reasons

is it possible to get unbanned and how do you do that

sander k

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I was banned for click fraud, had over $320 on my account :(
It was on a proxy site with about 8000 unique visitors a day.