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Anyone knows how to make Firefox faster ?


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Does anyone knows how to make Firefox start/close faster ? One possible solution I think is to have as few as possible addons/plugins, because when you have more addons, more libraries are required to load every time you start the browser.

Need some tips on that and how to load websites which uses flash faster. For example, entering a game made by Zynga on Facebook, (lots of flash there) will make my Firefox4 freeze for about 5-10 seconds.
Hopefully someone has a solution as I would like to know myself. Each upgrade makes it slower it seems :(
Oh weird, actually mines running great, plain install and it's soooo much faster, opera has a dodgy second place now, and chrome is still in there but by the skin of its teeth.

Not adding anything to it for a bit till I get comfy, but way better, maybe you should all leave off the *cough* sites :fangel:

Is it maybe just something else in the running tasks? I got my task list down to less than 20 so might be just me :biggrin2:

Nah having a laugh, it's still memory leaking like hell, not as bad as 3 but still bad with a small climb over time as a plain instance minimised - but it's new and it does work okay.

So we just have to wait for Firefox ver 4.???
To make it start faster you can install this plugin. Using it my Firefox start up time is usually less than 2 seconds. I have 7 active extensions installed and one disabled.

As for your game, Mozilla Foundation is not responsible for the Flash plugin or Zynga games. So nothing can be done unless either Adobe or Zynga rectify the issue. UNLESS there is no actual issue and your computer is just slow for other reasons.
Regarding Zynga and other Flash games, they run pretty slow on many different computers and configurations, I asked my friends on facebook and many of them have the same problem.

Thanks for the plugin, will give it a try.

EDIT: The plugin is not working for me.
Error: "The procedure entry point GetUserDefaultLocalName could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"
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What OS are you running? The plugin does not work on XP according to the plugin page. Also you need to be running the 32-bit version of Firefox.
I personally am running it fine on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit using Firefox 4.0 32-bit.
Mozilla recently released a list of addons that slow performance the most: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/performance/#addon-11

Firefox 4 has been awesome for me, much faster than 3.6.

As far as those Zynga games, I'm pretty sure that's normal. They freeze everyone's browser because they are so horrendously coded. Other flash games and videos play smoothly for me. I suggest quitting Farmville :p
check your plugins,,,,, some plugins make firefox start slower.
As for zynga games,, they will stuck on all mazor browsers, its not firfox's fault.
Thumbs up for that list of slow addons Bruce! I removed Firebug and FlashGot. Hopefully my Firefox will respond better now.
My firefox is fine, never crashes and always fast. I tend to use AVG PC TUNEUP 2011, they have a tweak section that optimizes firefox and seems to keep it running smoothly.
yes FF it is fast, but try to open multiple tabs from youtube and sites with java and flash...see what will happen then.
Never had an issue even with multiple tabs with flash, java and others running on the tabs.

If you have a new computer of course you won't have issue with any browser. I have only one CPU, 1GB of RAM with video card integrated, that means if I set my Video Card to 256 MB, my RAM will be around 750 MB.
Right now, my video card is set to 128 MB in BIOS.