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Anybody know where one can purchase old movies?

Question? What question? Why do I need a question? Isn't the poll clear enough?

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Does anyone know where one can purchase old movies? I'm looking for the five and a half hour version of the 1927 Abel Gance silent Napoléon. Amazon doesn't sell it, they only have the three hour fifty-five minute version and I don't know if even that's been tinted correctly (some say it hasn't). Know of anywhere else?
Oh yes, and it'll have to be a source outside of the US since Francis Ford Coppola has exclusive rights to its showing and sale here and only allows his edited version with Carmine Coppola's musical score to be sold. So, outside the US, but be mindful that it's in NTSC format.
I do not know specifically where you could find this film, and i probably can't suggest anywhere that you have not already checked. however, I DO have a few resources that I can consult with. I'll get back to you.

(I have a feeling that If this film can be found for sale it will not be in NTSC format.)
In the early 90s there was a VHS edition of the film sold in France by MPM Productions (most probably in SECAM, collection "Les stars ne meurent jamais"). You can check with the big French retailers (FNAC, Virgin) but I bet it's out of stock now.
I believe the French pay-TV channel Canal Plus broadcasted the film some time in the last decade... Maybe the Canal Plus video arm (Canal Plus Video) has the film for sale in it's catalog. You can also check out Les Editions Rene Chateau (in Paris +33-1-5626-5242) they specialize in re-editing old movies in VHS/DVD. Obviously all of these are likely to be in French/with French intertitles/in SECAM or PAL.
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Make a trip to Houston, Texas. Go to Six Flags for 8 hours, then go downtown and find one of many Hispanic markets. You could probly find lots of old movies there. (The last time I was there they were all on recorded VHS tapes, so I'm not sure if they are legal)
Originally posted by Ben
Make a trip to Houston, Texas. Go to Six Flags for 8 hours
then while you're at it, you might as well hitch a ride on the space shuttle to kill even more time... :biggrin2: ;)
I don't care if the intertitles are French, that doesn't bother me. It wouldn't really bother me if it was SECAM instead of NTSC, but I don't have multisystem VCR and I'd have to get one (and an adapter for the TV, or a multisystem TV, either way it's adding a level of complication I was hoping to avoid).

I will look and see what's available.
FYI the FNAC website says that the VHS is not sold anymore.

Napoléon Abel Gance
A. Artaud Albert Dieudonné H. Krimer VHS 1990 Supprimé à la vente, indisponible.