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Any reactions if I sign many accounts on a same FWP?


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I'm thinking about those good realible fwp's like Virtualave or Hypermart that how do they react if I make my site bigger by signing more than one account.
For example: top.virtualave.net; top2.virtualave.net; etc..

The 20 megs is a bit small and it's sad to move the entire site to some host that maybe is not so reliable.

Second question is that how do they react to videofiles that eat a lot of bandwidth? Have you had any experiences like removing your site if it gets too much traffic?

Virtualave & Hypermart were only examples...comments on other fwp's are also welcome or suggestions.

It really depends on what that FWP host is. Hypermart and VirtualAve, prob wont care (because they wont find out). However, any other small FWP _will_ care and if they find out, depending how limited their space is, would delete your other accounts right away.

As for videofiles, most FWP will require you to run an actual site that has content, and not just use it for a download server. If they find out that you are doing this, they will almost definately kill that account. The real question is, will they find out.

If your site is popular, and you consume a lot of bandwidth, most FWP will investigate, and if they find that noone is actually going to your html pages, they would prob delete your account...

Your prob most safe with the larger FWP like the ones you mentioned...
Freeservers is another one where you could get by with it. I visited a fan site there earlier this year and they had a second account which they used for pictures. I went back and checked that site, the other day, and it was still there. So either they don't know, or don't care.
Yeah, usually if the site in question is small, it should be ok. Note that Freeservers, which is run by NorthSky is changing its name and part of its management, so there may be policy changes. But I think the sites are ok.

There is also a distinction between pics and video. Pics dont consume that much bandwidth, but videos do...so make sure you dont overload the systems or they will definately give your site a once-over....
VirtualAve and Hypermart actually let you have up to 3 accounts for your site. But you can get many more if you use different email addresses....
Im sure you can have as many account as you want and they wont bother you...so long as those sites are content sites. You see they make their money off the ads, and if your site is primarily a download server, then people wont see the ads and thats not good. Most FWPs now have systems where you cannot directly access media from an account. Im not too sure if hypermart or virtualave supports these, but I know freeservers does, for example...
I don't think anyone will care. As long as you do not hide their banners or cheat them in any other way, I don't see why they would get mad. More people to your site means more ads being displayed for them resulting in an increase of revenue. (or maybe not)


Thats precisely my point. If you link to videos or pictures on that site, then you are NOT letting your users view their ads.

Anyway, I think this is a mute issue and you can do what you want, and hope that they will look kindly on you :)