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Any free web hosting horror stories?

Discussion in 'Free hosting discussions' started by sam_w, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. sam_w

    sam_w New Member

    What kinds of problems have you run into with your free web hosting provider?
  2. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    Mainly losing data. you?
  3. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    Same as what sander k said, losing data.
    A lot of post2host provider, always have issues with their server.
    Most of the time, they will announce that they are shifting server, then they try to migrate the datas to the new server.
    But the problem is, sometimes the transferred datas are corrupted, and your website is a good as dead.

    Lots of things can happen if you use those post2host which is run by kids.
  4. mtwiscool

    mtwiscool b& b&

    back well before i was a webhost i used free shred hosting back in 2006 with 2ip thay closed the free hosting in 2007 without warning 2ip went broke
  5. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    You're currently a host? Wow, that's news to me. With all these "i need spunser" threads you keep making, I figured you're just some illiterate kid. Man, you really had me fooled.
  6. DJboutit

    DJboutit Active Member

    About 4 to 5 yrs ago I was using a free host the host was having problems with there server so the host switched to another server. After the switch my site would not load any more & I could not access my cpanel any more but the host main site still loaded. I contacted the admin of the host he said my site was lost in the move I really think the admin lied to me the few sites he hosted for free were all deleted so he could the use the space for paid hosting. The admin should have given the few site that were hosted free 48hrs to back up there sites
  7. Derek Flahost

    Derek Flahost New Member

    This is the reason why when using free host, the user should do backup of their database everyday.
    No matter how good is the free host, when things happened, they will usually just ignore free users and give priority to paid users first.
    eSupun likes this.
  8. eSupun

    eSupun New Member

    Same thing. Data lost including my own website. That was a very very bad incident and I still do worry about it. I lost all my clients and also my reputation because of it.
    Derek Flahost likes this.
  9. Sain Cai

    Sain Cai Beautiful Daddy NLC

    I have had problems with a host that would be offline for a week at a time, claiming it was a billing issue. Happened at least 3 times in one year. Then the no support deal. Main thing that happens is when a stable host up and leaves, presumably because of budget issues, since free hosting is hard to make a profit, if they can at all.

    LOL, WUT? Since when did you become a host? Are you referring to the androidVPS that you cant configure or perhaps the retroVPS that isnt around? I think the only thing you host is the ice cream party on Tuesdays.
    eSupun likes this.
  10. Derek Flahost

    Derek Flahost New Member

  11. Sain Cai

    Sain Cai Beautiful Daddy NLC

    Was it when I became nice? :D
  12. polieleos7777

    polieleos7777 New Member

    Liam maybe?
  13. masterbo

    masterbo Active Member

    Does 'free' relate to 'web hosting' or to 'horror stories'?

    I suppose the popular story is the one of host vanishing into thin air. All of a sudden. "Goodbye my data, I will miss you".
    CS Squad likes this.
  14. Derek Flahost

    Derek Flahost New Member

    I personally think that free hosting should use for testing and learning purpose only.
    If going to host something important, or even a personal blog, it is best to spend a couple of dollars on paid hosting at reputable host.
  15. polieleos7777

    polieleos7777 New Member

    Yes, and you would share the details needed for the payhost.
    There are good free packages and deals out there. You just gotta look, it isn't there like paid. You gotta convince people.
  16. Derek Flahost

    Derek Flahost New Member

    Ask anyone here, they will agree that paying for a reputable paid host for hosting an important website, is a worth investment.
    I do agree that there are good free host, but if the website is an important website, do you think anyone will dare to take the risk to host it on a free hosting?
    Investing for a web hosting account on a reputable host, will always be safer than hosting it on a free hosting.
  17. ABM House

    ABM House New Member

    Yes getting banned by the sites or the forums !
  18. katiekitty

    katiekitty New Member

    I believe the topic is about horror stories with free hosting providers, not horror stories you have with those community sites or forums.
  19. colorhost

    colorhost Member

    Free hosters will always have horror stories, ( i dont have any to share)

    This is why you should always go with paid hosting company that have been open for atleast a year at best.
  20. Trel

    Trel Zen NLC

    I once almost started offering Windows hosting.

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