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Discussion in 'FreeWebspace.net Feedback' started by Dean, Jun 7, 2004.


Do you support this motion

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Dean

    Dean i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! NLC

    Hey Peo / Jan

    Wouldnt it be better if you guys make it so you have to have 10 posts before posting in the Ads / Offers forums?

  2. jmiller

    jmiller tripcode NLC

    That's a good idea, Phyxisus. :)
    I second that one.
  3. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    And then they would make 10 fast nonsense posts so they could spam and run :p

    Or post their spam in other forums.
  4. Dean

    Dean i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! NLC

    Its better than nothing
  5. jmiller

    jmiller tripcode NLC

    Something does need to be done about the "Ads and Offers" forum.
  6. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member NLC

    I support this motion.
  7. Dean

    Dean i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! NLC

    New Poll!
  8. phuckedup

    phuckedup ! ¿ who ? ¡ NLC

    i cant see how this vote will fail, because the only people who would look in this forum are the locals, and basically all of us/them have 10+ posts so it wont be a problem if we want to [​IMG]
  9. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member NLC


    I don't really care either way though.
  10. Blank Verse

    Blank Verse NLC NLC

    I second, third, fourth, whatever. If these people do post ridiculous shit or spam other forums in the quest to post in Ads and Offers, they get warned, banned, whatever. Make things right :p
  11. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    Good idea to have 'some' interaction without just posting offers and running - too much like WHT that way :p
  12. kaliboy2g

    kaliboy2g New Member

    I disagree. People wont actually read the rules. They will post anyways. And if they do make 10 posts they will make BS posts.
  13. Blank Verse

    Blank Verse NLC NLC

    In which case their posts get deleted. Repeat offenders get warned and then banned. When they ask why their post was deleted, they will be directed towards the rules that state they cannot do that. In the end, people figure it out.
  14. Robert

    Robert NLC NLC

    Whats your real name?
  15. cowax

    cowax Nice Shot NLC

    If you are required to have 10 posts to post in the ads forum, then they will post in the general forum. It will just add even more spam to other forums. I say keep it as it is. Just have to watch the ads/offers forum more closely.
  16. Blank Verse

    Blank Verse NLC NLC

    Robert C. Rodriguez.
  17. Canuckkev

    Canuckkev Doctor Hexagon NLC

    All forums NEED an Ads and Offers section, because people will always pull the join>spam>run move. So, if it's all put in an area that can easily be ignored, it is best for everyone.
  18. jmiller

    jmiller tripcode NLC

    Yes, however even then that doesn't stop users from posting ads everywhere possible on the forum.

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