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aHosting Website - P2H Free Hosting.

Discussion in 'Free web hosting offers' started by hiab7, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. hiab7

    hiab7 New Member

    aHosting.website is a new small community in the hosting industry. We provide a free hosting service with Shared Hosting, soon there will be more opportunities for us on the website. This service involves a Post2Host system. So there need no special actions are taken, you can simply register and sign up for our service and enjoy a good service that we provide. We try our best to do, of course, to offer you the best hosting service that we can. Our hosting is completely free of charge for all customers and everyone can get a free hosting account with us. We provide cPanel as the Control Panel. You just need to make monthly posts to continue your hosting as long as you use our hosting service. We are not going to then activate a payment system. We would like to inform you that there are rules that you have to adhere to, we as aHosting team the right to terminate an account if you abuse the hosting. As long as you keep to the rules, there is nothing wrong and as long as you can make fun of it if you want. Here you can see our plans.

    Q: Do you provide free domain names?
    A: No you must take self your own domain name.
    Q: Can I request unlimited hosting requests?
    A: No, you are allowed to request max 1 Plan per account. Contact us if you want upgrade.
    Q: Is the registration and requests for free?
    A: Yes our website does not require any charges. Its 100% Pure FREE!!!
    Q: Can I change from Shared to Reseller?
    A: Yep you can. Just contact us and we will upgrade you.
    Q: Do you backup our contents?
    A: No, we don't do that.

    HOST 0
    Disk: 500MB
    Bandwidth 1GB
    Addon Domains: 0
    Location: LA Califonia, USA
    No Posts needed

    HOST 1
    Disk: 1GB
    Bandwidth: 10GB
    Addon Domains: 1
    Location: (LA) Califonia, USA
    Monthly Posts: 5

    HOST 2
    Disk: 5GB
    Bandwidth: 50GB
    Addon Domains: 5
    Location: (LA) Califonia, USA
    Monthly Posts: 12

    HOST 3
    Disk: 10GB
    Bandwidth: 100GB
    Addon Domains: 10
    Location: (LA) Califonia, USA
    Monthly Posts: 17

    HOST 4
    Disk: 20GB
    Bandwidth: 200GB
    Addon Domains: 20
    Location: (LA) Califonia, USA
    Monthly Posts: 25

    Reseller 0
    1GB Disk Space
    10GB Bandwidth
    1 cPanel Account
    3 Features Extensions
    No Posts needed

    Reseller 1
    5GB Disk Space
    50GB Bandwidth
    5 cPanel accounts
    5 FTP Accounts
    5 Email Accounts
    5 Email Lists
    5 MySQL Databases
    5 Subdomains
    5 Parked Domains
    5 Addon Domains
    5% CPU Allowance
    30 Posts/Per Month

    Reseller 2
    10GB Disk Space
    100GB Bandwidth
    10 cPanel Accounts
    10 FTP Accounts
    10 Email Accounts
    10 Email Lists
    10 MySQL Databases
    10 Subdomains
    10 Parked Domains
    10 Addon Domains
    10% CPU Allowance
    40 Posts/Per Month

    Reseller 3
    20GB Disk Space
    200GB Bandwidth
    25 cPanel Accounts
    10 FTP Accounts
    10 Email Accounts
    10 Email Lists
    10 MySQL Databases
    10 Subdomains
    10 Parked Domains
    10 Addon Domains
    20% CPU Allowance
    50 Posts/Per Month

    Reseller 4
    50GB Disk Space
    500GB Bandwidth
    50 cPanel Accounts
    30 FTP Accounts
    30 Email Accounts
    30 Email Lists
    30 MySQL Databases
    30 Subdomains
    30 Parked Domains
    30 Addon Domains
    30% CPU Allowance
    60 Posts/Per Month

    Note: free domains are allowed at shared hosting but not on reseller
    Link: https://ahosting.website/
  2. javier moreno

    javier moreno New Member

    lnk dead - web rip

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