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Advantages of Windows Vps Hosting

Discussion in 'Web hosting discussion' started by jennyjackson, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. jennyjackson

    jennyjackson New Member

    There are several advantages to selecting a Windows Hosting platform.if you choose Windows VPS hosting, you will benefit a lot from your decision. Windows VPS hosting allows you to run as many websites on your server as you can manage. The only factor that dictates the number of websites that can be ran on a VPS is the amount of disk space that comes with your server. Different VPS hosting packages are configured with different amounts of space. In addition, no single customer can affect the performance of the others in the least.

    What you expert know more advantages of windows vps please share to help for those who do not know or searching for to know.
  2. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Really? How about disk i/o and CPU? RAM?

    Users can absolutely affect the performance of other VPSs on the server.
  3. storminternet

    storminternet Member

    You can save or reduce operating system license cost with the use of windows vps hosting. I believe that's the main advantage only.
  4. Tyler

    Tyler Well-Known Member NLC

    Give me a free VPS and with your permission I will prove you wrong.
    CS Squad likes this.
  5. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    I seconded, Tyler on that. :p
  6. BrandonTheG

    BrandonTheG CEO NLC

    I think he's spamming due to the link in his first post.
  7. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    It could be.
    But even if he is spamming, he should think of something smarter in his spam post anyway.
  8. BrandonTheG

    BrandonTheG CEO NLC

    If they are spamming, they are probably not the brightest in the first place.
  9. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member

    On the contrary, Windows hosting tends to be more expensive because of the licensing cost of the Windows operating system.

    Windows also has a reputation for security problems and by default is highly vulnerable- it requires expert configuration to properly harden it against outside attacks when used as a server.

    The only real advantage that Windows based servers ever have over their Linux or Unix counterparts is application compatibility- some software was written for Windows, and just plain won't run correctly in anything else. It's commonly encountered with databases and applications used with thin clients where the whole system needs to be Windows-based.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2012
  10. cassiejmiller

    cassiejmiller New Member

    How do you know if your server is on its way to a breakdown? You typically don't. Avoid unforeseen problems through Windows VPS hosting. Hosting companies will manage your server's availability and be sure to alert you when there may be a potential problem with your server.
  11. b2netsolutions

    b2netsolutions New Member

    The main thing is to choose the right company to be successful in the IT industry.
  12. fcolor

    fcolor Active Member

    This is not an argument! The only advantage of a Windows based VPS over any other Linux virtual instance is that one can use and host software apps that run in Windows OS environment only... and probably to run an exchange server. That's it, I believe.
  13. koddos

    koddos New Member

    I think using Windows or Linux OS depends on the personal needs of the webmaster.

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