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sander k

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Did you ever try www.adhitz.com as website to show your ads?

I am trying them for a little over a week now and I am really pleased with the results.
Its very cheap to advertise with them, starting from $0.002 USD per click.


Is the traffic of good quality? What is your conversion rate from the adhitz traffic?

sander k

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Its not a scam. It isn't mine if you think that is?

Most sites that are on it are sites like bux.to
You can pay for text ads, image ads, pop ups/unders & peel downs.

Most I use are pay per click.
You get about 2000 clicks for $2.00 on some sites.
You see, every site sets its own price.

I am getting about 30 hits a week through them.
That isnt much, but then again, I don't pay much.

Their network has about 220 websites now, so they are not as big as Google or Bidvertiser.

I have only seen 2 webhosting sites up untill now and they uselly ask more money per click/day/week/month then the bux sites.

I have my webhostingforum on it too. I make about $0.44 a day at the moment, but I think that will grow when more hosts/webmasters will sign up.

I am advertising on 8 different websites right now, 5 of them are bux sites, 2 webhosts & 1 file host.
I also advertise on the entire network for $30
Just give them a try.

They payout from $20.00 through paypal.

I have added an image to show the ads I am paying for:


All ads together cost me about $50 and they are still running.
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what about the quality traffic,I meant most bux sites is incentive site,they pay people to visit other people, and unlucky most bux visitor is people who "search money" and not willing to spend their money to purchased , I have been on box site a while and I can see how even I have to pay to be premium member of their system, still there system earn me something that I expect, from $50 I spend I only get $35 in return, I think bux business future is not as bright as it was