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AdBrite Vs Clicksor

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by s_vicky, Feb 11, 2012.


Which one is best?

  1. AdBrite

    4 vote(s)
  2. ClickSor

    0 vote(s)
  1. s_vicky

    s_vicky New Member

    AdBrite Vs Clicksor
    Which one you prefer?
  2. Hamed

    Hamed Active Member

    It is my question too!
  3. HostMafia

    HostMafia New Member

    adbrite gives better payments than Clicksor for me, but clicksor gives paypal option, whereas adbrite only sends check.

    clicksor somehow increases my bounce rate for unknown reason.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2012
  4. Tracker

    Tracker PROFILE NOT FOUND Staff Member NLC

    I have had good luck with adbrite in the past... and HostMafia... "Licksor" :p
  5. ronok

    ronok New Member

    For text ads, Adbrite has more ads (advertisers) than Clicksor. Clicksor is rich with graphic ads.
  6. TheBlueGuy

    TheBlueGuy New Member


    I've been noticing with Clicksor ad's recently they have more embedded malware and trojans in their ads. Your sites credibility might not be as good if a viewers anti virus flags these ads... from your site! Just my 2 cents, i'd pick adbrite because they appear to have more advertisers and they seem to filter their ads for spyware/malware better. Cheers! :wink2:
  7. hari123

    hari123 New Member

    i think adbrite better for clicksor
  8. TheBlueGuy

    TheBlueGuy New Member

    Just to add as well, adbrite does have many advertisers so your chances of getting more different ads is higher
  9. cassiejmiller

    cassiejmiller New Member

    Among the two, I will choose Adbrite
  10. TheBlueGuy

    TheBlueGuy New Member

    So far I take it no one likes clicksor. Does anyone else know of any other good CPM networks?

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