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Scott Flank

New Member
Hello Guys

Anyone knows how to prevent this ?
Suffered a lot recently and was thinking to change a new host but looks like this attack is hard to deal with
It's up to your host to have preventative measures in place (or the datacentre they are located in).
You could ask your host if they can do anything, or block those ips yourself, or buy more powerful hardware.

Or use something like cloudflare
Do you know what's causing you to receive the DDOS attack?

In other words, those don't usually get pointed at random IPs - are you doing anything that might be provoking it, such as hosting a provocative website or hosting a gameserver in which 12 year olds get fragged and upset about it?

I'm guessing it's a website, in which case the other suggestion of cloudflare is probably your best bet for free/cheap protection.
most budget providers will null route their ddos'd ip address i guess, since hardware anti-ddos is very expensive.
Yeah id agree with fsd unless you can afford to spend the money cloudflare is probably the best option
Yeah id agree with fsd unless you can afford to spend the money cloudflare is probably the best option

Cloudflare is not DDoS protection by any means. Although its very nature does make it block some types of attack such as a http GET flood, if you get hit hard enough or if the attack is something other than a http-based attack it will blow through to your server as if there was nothing there at all.

Generally though these kinds of attacks are only sent when somebody does not like what you are doing, although oftentimes someone upset about being banned from a forum or chatroom will initiate an attack out of spite.

Usually all you can do to mitigate them is either tough it out with protective gear and larger capabilities, or make amends for that which offended and provoked it.
Try installing CSF and DDoS deflate if you a re on a VPS or Dedi, also try using CLoudflare as mentioned before. THis is a good start. Big DDoS can hardly be mitigated by you, even hosting provider.
You can't prevent DDoS from using software like CSF. You need to get actual hardware such as from Cisco in order to stop attacks.
When buying DDoS protection, make sure you're getting a good level of protection. It varies a lot from place to place. What type of DDoS are you trying to prevent against? Synflood? Brute size?
Third party services and software can only do so much. If you're serious about DDoS protection, a hardware based solution is the only way to mitigate serious attacks, and even then, there's nothing fail-proof.
Definitely look into purchasing some decent Cloudflare protection. The checks that the software does when someone enters your site is a great advantage.