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A little advice

Should I stay or should I go?

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Alright, so I need a little sense talked into me.

For the last 7 or so months I've been working as a supervisor in a busy bakery. I make $12CAD/hr, start work at 3am, and some days just don't feel like showing up. The money isn't great, but it's more than enough for me to get by on.

Now here's the problem - I work at 3am, which means waking up at 2am, and thus going to bed no later than 7 the night before. In turn it means I get to see friends and family less, and am usually quite tired. Plus, occassionally I'm asked to start late and work until 4, then start the next morning at 3. On top of that there's no healthcare benefits.

Now what's keeping me from leaving? The bosses are really nice, and I'd feel bad leaving, as it would put them in a bad place, as we are already understaffed. Plus, if I take the next job that comes my way, it could pay less (though I doubt that's possible).

So what would you do if you were in my shoes? Stay for a while longer, stay tired, get up early, go to bed early, and constantly turn down social gatherings? Or stop being nice and find a new job? Keep in mind this is not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.

Thanks guys.


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Yeah, unless they give you a substantial raise it's not worth it. Keep the job until you find something better, then give your notice. Or give your notice if they don't let you have a better raise etc.


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Agreed, ask for a raise. if they refuse explain the situation that it's not worth it for you and leave.

you can always server burgers at mcd :p


Honestly, I don't know if any raise would make it easier to get up early and constantly have to turn down friends.


I'm kind of in the same sort of situation... Once you find another job you'd enjoy more, then leave.

It's not worth it since you're not enjoying any of it. You can't see your friends and family much, all you do is sleep, work then sleep again... I'm sure you can do a lot better. :)


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Start job hunting, then after you've found something put in your two weeks' notice.

Maybe talk to your boss before you put in your two weeks notice so (s)he can have time to find a replacement (assuming two weeks wouldn't be enough time to find a replacement).


All? No, ALL!
I left a job of a few years after feeling like just not waking up to go. I ended up just quitting and I love my new job. I do get better pay, but what makes the most difference is that I am not wanting to kill innocent babies anymore.


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That's sure is a low wage. Not worth sacrificing your friends and family for. Well no amount is, but you wouldn't feel quite so bad if they paid you above award rates :p


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Do what you feel is right, putting them in a bad way isn't really your fault, they got that way from other people being in the same position you are in now.

Personally, i'd leave, i understand that it might make you feel bad but losing your social life really isn't worth it and if you stay there for a while, you're really going to start resenting it.

Best of luck though, i've been in your position once and it wasn't all bad, they replaced me within a week lol :p


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Maybe if there's another slot later in the day? Probably not though seeing as it's a bakery.

But if you explain your situation to your friendly boss I'm sure (s)he'll understand and you won't feel bad. I voted go.


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I wouldn't exactly consider 12 $$ as ultra-low wages.

A friend of mine is a full-blown baker, she chose the job so she would be free during daytime. Her recipe was coming home immediately after work, sleep till around noon and after that she could keep going until 10 pm.



$12 here in aus is pretty damn poor, im assuming it differs greatly though. Heres whatcha do, go apply for other more 'regular jobs', once you get one, quit, simple as that. Its not as though you have any great loyalty to the company, im sure if they could buy a machine to do your job they wouldn't think twice.

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In Canada, $12 an hour isn't horrible, but it's no great. I'm only making $15/hour myself, but living off of that doesn't seem to be all that difficult.

That said, get the ---- out. You can easily get a better job with equal or better pay the way the economy is today.


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I'm also in a job situation that I don't like, but I'm not sure if I want to quit. I work for the family of the girl I've been seriously dating for a long time on the weekends. I'm pretty good at the job and it is extremely hard for them to find good staff members (which is why I ended up working there in the first place, they asked me), so I know they want me to stay. I get along working with her family for the most part.

However, the job is in my hometown, so I commute home from my university every weekend, which is about 2.5 hours away. It's not as big of a deal as it seems because my girlfriend goes to a local college there and I drive home often to see her. She also works at the business, so if I come home to see her during business hours I wouldn't be doing anything anyway (most of my friends moved away, or have families and no free time).

By working there, I pretty much condemn myself to going home every weekend. So if I get behind on homework, which happens from time to time with 17 credit hours, I spend all my free time on weekdays hating life at the library instead of spreading it out into the weekend (I don't get any homework done at home because working at night throws off my daily routine). If I didn't work, I could have less pressure during the week and spread my school assignments out. Less pressure means I could relax a little more, and spend more time with friends during the week and maybe even not commute home some weekends and go enjoy some social activities with my friends at school.

I guess after typing this I want to quit, not because I hate the job, but just because my life would be easier without it. It's not even about the money -- I don't even need it. Being able to buy things like a PS3, DVDs, games and going out to eat on a regular basis, buying my friends rounds at the bar without thinking about it, etc... That's all nice, but not necessary. In fact I could still buy things for myself, just not on the frequency that I do now and my savings wouldn't grow as fast as it has been.

I guess just don't know how to make it as painless as possible :-\.


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If you dont have a family.. heres what I would do
Call the boss in to there office and say this
I have decided that to stay here I would need more money, I am going to start seeking for another job.. Becuse this one is tireing me out to much and for not enough money! GIMMI MONEY GIMMI! then walk out and let them think about it
If they say NO!
Say ok well I hope you can give me a good refrence

If you have a family to support
Dont say nothing just say you are looking in to other types of work for a "change" and ask them to be a refreee then seek for another job...

personaly Id just say GTFO im not comming back.. But Im not in the best frame of mind right now.. (I said that at my job about 2 weeks ago)
That job was for 15$/hour and involved waking up at 4am... to get................

wait for it

Craped on by a bunch of annoying cows (Dairy hand)
And kicked
And pissed on

Ok Im done.
Good luck