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    About the recent problems

    I've been hiding in the shadows. :) Actually I just got married this past weekend and I haven't had much spare time. I really can't take any of the credit as there are still issues to overcome. It was a pretty simple situation where part of the existing web site was vulnerable to an exploit...
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    IP Banned? Can't connect

    The secondary DNS server did act up earlier this morning and we had to re-sync it and restart the service. Everything is online and working properly though so it's possible that you or your ISP have cached a bad copy of it. That's the only reason that it wouldn't pull up properly right now...
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    www. down I'm locking this thread and keeping all communication on the page above.
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    DDoS Attack

    My apologies to all FreeWebspace.net visitors over the last 48 hours. When the site has been online it's been intermittent at best. If you saw our home page I'm sure you're now aware that we were hit with a large DDoS attack. At times the throughput coming in exceeded 400 mbit/sec. In...
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    what changed?

    That's probably partially due to me. I've been working on some things that have been limiting disk throughput at times. I'll try to ease off on moving so much data and give you more of the resources. We're also going to be adding more disk space / another server in to the mix in the near...
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    How much is a 19" LCD monitor nowadays?

    Not all Dell LCD's are the same. Does it just have a VGA in or is it an UltraSharp model? Also check to see who manufactured it. On another forum I've read that people are having very different results depending on if it's a LG, Samsung, or some other panel. If it's advertised to support the...
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    I've been around all day, and I'm still here. :) If Peo's swamped and would like the forum upgraded I'd be happy to do so. It's Peo's site and I always wait for him to request something before I begin work on it. (Apart from backend security patches, and such.)
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    I think the bottom line is that if there is a legitimate concern over our current rules that concern should be brought up in a professional manner. A while back we went to a three strikes and you're out policy, and generally speaking it worked well. A temp. ban is just that temporary, and it's...
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    Popular Members of The Forum

    Speaking of whom, does anyone still talk to Chicken? I haven't heard from him a long time, and haven't kept up to date with this site. About the last I talked to him they just had a new baby. (Good time stamp for anyone who may still keep in touch with him.)
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter, enjoy your peeps. :)
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    Peo! I want to advertise.

    As always with a business it comes down to ROI. What is received in terms of visitors, sales, branding, and overall support. As an individual website as a side business $100 may seem like a lot, but for most professionals its very low. At one point I was a member of CJ.com as an advertiser...
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    Google Calendar

    No SMS notifications for Verizon Wireless at this time. At least not when I was looking to do that with my account. Just the same it has a nice GUI. Now if only I could tie that in to public Microsoft Exchange calendars for other people I know it would be great!
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    Todd, Peo help

    Last night MySQL apparently went down and a reboot was issued to take care of it. Apparently daemontools isn't properly restarting some services. I'm not sure why that is right now, but it should be fixed for now.
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    Time To Flush & CleanUp FWS??

    I think the issue comes down to where do you draw the line? Many years ago I thought hosting companies were overselling by huge amounts. Huge decreases in hardware prices for disk storage for example, made many of their plans reasonable now. Cheaper bandwidth providers like Cogent came about...
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    Thread on New Server

    That's only because we log your IP, and I write rules so only you see them. It's one of my favorite things to do. :D I suppose in hindsight I should have deleted this thread and posted an official notice in "FreeWebspace.net Feedback". Ahh well. If you have any real comments or criticism...