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    They are a fairly large host and do offer what they say. I believe they are the second largest vdi based host.
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    Cpanel3 "Public release"

    NT too right :)
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    Cpanel3 "Public release"

    freebsd I think it would be cool if there was a FreeBSD version of Cpanel3 ;) There are lots of options for red hat linux but not many for freebsd
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    Try http://compunite.com
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    Is this okay?

    I would *assume* it would be ok to recommend a host you were happy with AS LONG AS you included your URL which is currently hosted with them.
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    What do you all want in a webhost?

    good support!
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    Control Pannels

    The new Cpanel will probably be from vdi.net
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    Wow...another one for register.com

    Damn, that is sweet :)
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    Actually, on their boards they said that they were attacked and had warez sites using up the space and bandwidth all the time. Warez sites suck :(
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    looking for reliable per click companies

    I was paid from Clickagents.com and Datais.com I liked click agents a little better...right now I don't do online ads so I am not sure how much these companies have changed.
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    The only relation Jumpworld had to Interserver was that they use to colocate there...
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    Quad Xeon, 2GB RAM, 50 GB Traffic - $200/month

    Yup, I would say that is basicly the case. Plus the domain name was registered oct 24 ;) Tcoy~
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    There is always Gnutella ;) There are just too many other options out there why would any one pay. Tcoy~
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    what about http://www.atjeu.com?

    Gesundheit! Err, maybe I spelled that wrong. Tcoy~