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    The recent WHM/cPanel update - WHM 11.34.0 (build 9)

    Did a test bench server running CentOS 6 and another running Ubuntu. Tried both running the new cPanel build. Did not like it. Very little memory improvement on both servers. There is a slight improvement, but not as much as what they say. Another note, the layout is...well, lacking. I preferred...
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    Looking for a Free VPS!

    Haven't you made quite a few of these "free vps" requests?
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    Dead or Alive?

    Sleeping people.
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    Require TLD?

    I think we should put up a page to deter some of these "unlimited" hosts and to teach new clients/users the facts of web hosting. I know short and quick videos are a great an easy way to teach people.
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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    "KayTech is closed" - http://kaytech.me/ Some funny stuff going on. :D
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    Buy Domain Via Moneybookers/skrill

    I also get my domains cheaper, at only about $7.98 through $9.98 per year through namecheap.
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    Affordable hosting powered by ZPanel - Cross Industries

    Do you have an e-commerce site, blog, or community site? Host it with us to get amazing speed and reliability. That's not all, we are confident in our services, we offer an incredible "any-time" money back guarantee*(see footnote at the bottom of this post) With that said, Cross Industries, LLC...
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    Dead or Alive?

    Welcome back Craig? Glad to see you back here again. What've you been up to mate?
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    Is there any computer with 1TB space?

    Yes, and that being said, the higher you go in a disk drive for your hard-drive, the higher chance it has to fail.
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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    Actually, if I may, I'd like to make a correction. Since it is supposedly registered as a "non-profit organization," she CAN hurt the company and/or have it disbanded. It is not an LLC nor a corporation, therefor has no legal standings against any complaints/abuse. It is just a structured...
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    Free Shoutcast Hosting

    Considering the high amounts of bandwidth shoutcast takes, it is highly unlikely you'll get this for free.
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    Require TLD?

    Sarcasm mate, polieleos7777 was making himself look like an idiot.
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    Require TLD?

    It makes perfect sense, don't you see?
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    99% OFF - Cross Industries, LLC

    We are pushing for our new control panel and looking for testers and developers. Get your first month of ZPanel for 99% off! Use coupon code: TRIAL01 Let us know what you think. All reviews of the hosting before the end of the month of usage will receive 25% off recurring for the rest of...
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    Free SA-MP host

    You're suggesting a site and arguing for it....