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    Looking for hosting

    Hello, Ikoula provides VPS : https://www.ikoula.com/en/virtual-server#flexserver Plesk is available for most distributions, Linux and Windows : https://www.ikoula.com/en/plesk We have been using Plesk for many years and we are very satisfied. It is very easy to use, their technical support is...
  2. ikoula

    Kubernetes by IKOULA – Open containerizaton system, in a click.

    Hello, Kubernetes is now available amongst other IKOULA’s One Click App. (nb : One Click app is based on Cloud IKOULA One). Before telling you more about it, let’s talk about the technology. Docker allows you to containerize an app, where Kubernetes deploy nodes ! Your applications are...
  3. ikoula

    [IKOULA offer] P-SILVER P-GOLD servers line

    P-Silver Core Specifications -Xeon Silver 4110 2.1 GHz processor -64 GB DDR4 Ram -2x2 TB Sata3 ou 2x240 GB SSD -1 Gbit/s bandwidth -Raid Hardware -KVM/ip -Localisation : France -Price : 169.99€ HT/month P-Gold Core Specifications -Xeon Gold 6132 2.1 GHz processor -64 GB DDR4 Ram -2x2 TB Sata3...
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    [IKOULA Cloud] New One Click apps available !

    Do not waste time installing and configuring your applications. Deploy Docker, Nginx, Apache, Wordpress, and many other work environments in a few clicks. Drupal has been recently added and Only-Office https://www.onlyoffice.com/fr/ is now available ! ONLYOFFICE Community Server is a free...
  5. ikoula

    [IKOULA CLASSIC DEDIS offer] C-Storage, C-Memory, C-Core

    Beware, a few units of each one are in stock ! C-Storage is optimized in disk space, C-Memory has 24 GB Ram C-Core has an Intel Core i7 3.40 GHz cpu Each server has a Gbit network (unmetered trafic) and a /64 ipv6 C-Storage Specifications (15 pieces) -Intel Core i3 3.10 GHz processor -8 GB...
  6. ikoula

    [ Cloud IKOULA One ] Deploy a web vm in France, Germany, Netherland, Miami, Singapore | From 3.40 $/

    VM Pico | 3.40 $/M -0.5 Core -512 MB -50 GB SSD -100Mbits (unmetered) VM Micro | 6.80 $/M -1 Core -1 GB -50 GB SSD -100Mbits (unmetered) Disclaimer : Once you arrive on the order page it requires 14$ to proceed in exchange you can spend 140$ within the first month. After that normal billing...
  7. ikoula

    [IKOULA Offer] Atom 510 DC HT 4GB / 1TB 10.15$/Mo | 20 pcs

    Specifications -Atom family processor -4 GB Ram -1 TB Sata Hd -100 Mbps Full Duplex unmetered -Location : France Choice of OS -Debian 8 -Debian 9 -Centos 7 -Ubuntu 16.04 -No OS / install through KVM Price -Price : 10.15$ excl VAT/Mo -no setup fee Accepted methods of payments -Paypal -Credit...
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    [IKOULA offer] New server line "Core"

    Looking for a powerfull server ? You're at the good place Still no commitment, no setup fee and easy to order. P-Silver Core Specifications -Xeon Silver 4110 2.1 GHz processor -64 GB DDR4 Ram -2x2 TB Sata3 ou 2x240 GB SSD -1 Gbit/s bandwidth -Raid Hardware and KVM/ip -Localisation : France...
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    [BLACK FRIDAY IKOULA offer] Dedicated Servers at 19,99€ excl. VAT/month

    This year for Black Friday, IKOULA offers you 4 dedicated servers, 4 configurations, 4 purposes, at 1 single price - 19,99€ excl. VAT/month ! No setup fee, no commitment, Bandwidth 1Gbps and available 1 hour after purchase ! Limited offer available up to 26th of November 2018 11.59 pm...
  10. ikoula

    [IKOULA offer] Dedi Xeon E3-1230v5 32GB/2*1TB/100 Mbps - 47.8$/mo

    Hi, Need RAM ? AGILE L server With its 32 GB memory is the perfect match ! No commitment and easy to order. As always, feel free to ask if you have any question. **Specifications** -Xeon E3 1230v5 3.4 GHz processor -32 GB DDR4 Ram -2*1 TB Sata3 Hd (Software Raid) -100 Mbps (dedicated -...
  11. ikoula

    [IKOULA offer] Dedi Xeon E3-1220v5 16GB/1TB/300 Mbps 35$/mo

    This fall 2018, we pimp up our best seller server, the AGILE S, without changing its price ! With this Limited Edition (100 pieces), we offer you 16 Go RAM and native 300 Mbits network (the bandwidth is still unmetered). Be careful, to benefit from this offer, there's a 12 months commitment...
  12. ikoula

    [IKOULA offer] Dedi Xeon E3-1220v5 8GB/1TB/1Gbps 34.5$/mo

    Special event ! To celebrate dedicated servers with 1Gbit/s network (shared), this option is free on any 1220 or 1230 dedicated server ordered before the 31/05. As always feel free to ask if you have any question. Specifications -Xeon E3 1220v5 3.4 GHz processor or Xeon E3 1230v5 3.4 GHz...
  13. ikoula

    Black Friday Ikoula 2017

    Tomorrow Will be Black friday! From tonight 11.59pm GMT+1 to tomorrow night : -50% off on all our products ! (list and terms available soon on https://express.ikoula.com/en). Coupon code : IKOULATGIBF50
  14. ikoula

    [iKoula offer] Synology Diskstation DS115J, DS216J, RS815+

    **Technical Specs DS115J** -Processor Marvell Armada 370 -256 MB Ram -2 ou 4 TB Sata (one disk). -1 ipv4 -100 Mbps Full Duplex -Datacenter : iKoula Reims **Technical Specs DS216J** -Processor Marvell Armada 385 -512 MB Ram -2x2 ou 2x4 TB Sata (raid1) -1 ipv4 -100 Mbps Full Duplex -Datacenter ...
  15. ikoula

    [iKoula offer] Dedi XEON GPU E3-1230v5 32GB 1TB GeForce GTX1070 119.99€/mo

    Specifications -Xeon E3 1230v5 -32 GB Ram -1 TB Sata Hd -100 Mbps Full Duplex -Location : France Choice of OS -Windows Server 2016 Standard -Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition -CentOS 7 64 bits -Debian 8 64 bits -Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits -No OS / KVM renting for 24h Price & Options -Price ...