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    Free cPanel hosting

    you mean http://frostyhost.com/requestform.html :cool2:
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    cannot access FreeWebspace.net

    yes...since a couple of days I haven't been able to access this site via freewebspace.net I'd appreciate any help.
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    cannot access FreeWebspace.net

    EDIT: let me try that :classic2: ok that file is blank and I get Unable to resolve target system name www.freewebspace.net.
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    cannot access FreeWebspace.net

    I live in India and what is a tracert? :confused5
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    cannot access FreeWebspace.net

    I can't access FreeWebspace.net or the forums from http://www.freewebspace.net/ http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/ why? (I am posting here from some ip address link)
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    horizontal blog?

    blog script? they just do that by html!
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    50 free

    I can't access that site :( http://www.50free.com/
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    Free Webspace

    I got 15 mb :) very nice IMO thank you jason
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    Free Webspace

    I pm'd you too jasonyates :D
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    fast webhost?

    The last time I registered at freewebsites it didn't even let me upload a txt file!
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    fast webhost?

    Whis is the fastest host there is? (I mean the webhost with extremely fast servers) :D And it should be english and free.
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    Why won't it register at vr9.com??? Are they having some problems? Or is it down? And what is the file size limit in the ftp FAQ i read it is 500kb/file limit and on the sign up page it is 150 kb! :confused:
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    How do you--?

    CSS DOESN'T work with all browsers! I think it works only with the new ones...
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    A question about "View Source" in IE?

    I fell for that once! But I've seen one script at dhtmldrive where u can jumble up the html so it is difficult for the *ahem* common man to see :)
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    what is the best free poll ?

    http://www.bravenet.com http://www.pollit.com